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Why UCC?

2020 Happy UCC Graduates

It is always a good time to invest in yourself so that you can learn and grow. It's true. There are many prestigious options out there. Yet, UCC is a stepping stone to some of the most prestigious universities in Oregon and beyond. If you find yourself living in Douglas County now, why leave? UCC offers scholarships, athletic programs, degree partnerships, industry connections, and more. Plus, UCC is a small, friendly college campus. Our story is laid out here. You're invited to see for yourself that UCC is your best college choice!


Want to attend a university? We'll help get you there. We have transfer programs that allow you to save some money, build your study skills, and help you start as a junior in the Oregon university system or virtually any university you would like to attend. So you can start college as a UCC Riverhawk and finish as an OSU Beaver, SOU Raider, UO Duck, or whatever you like!

Looking for a career? UCC is your path to a career. We have career technical programs in the right industries that need workers: Automotive, Business Administration, Dental Assisting, Emergency Medical Technician, Engineering, Forestry, Fire Science, Nursing, Welding, and more.

Got to UCC then transfer to OSU for Forestry - Benny

Transfer Programs

Career Technical Programs - Welding

Career Programs

Apprenticeships - Industrial Mechanic

Industrial Mechanic

Online Programs - Paralegal

Online Programs
Paralegal Degree

Additionally, for hands-on learners, we have apprenticeship programs that allow you to mix classroom and on-the-job training. Many of these jobs are high-wage jobs like electricians, millwrights, and industrial mechanic.

For those with limited time, we also have online programs that allow you to do ALL of your studies online. You may not need to travel to campus at all! That is convenient. Clearly, UCC has something to offer for almost any type of learner.


Our faculty is second to none. They are experts in their field and care about teaching. No doubt you care about learning. So, we are a winning combination! Take a look at just a small sampling of our distinguished faculty.

Jennifer Lantrip 2 sm

Jennifer Lantrip
Reference Librarian

Kelley Bean

Kelley Bean
Police Reserve

Joseph Villa

Joseph Villa

melinda benton

Melinda Benton



When you step onto the UCC campus, you get a sense of the beauty of Oregon. Plus, many of our teaching areas are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to make learning easier and more engaging. Just take a look.

Beautiful Campus

Beautiful Campus

Dental Lab

Dental Lab


Working Vineyard

Auto Shop

Auto Shop

Fun Stuff

We are serious about education. That means we work hard and we play even harder. Our campus has a lot of fun things to do. Here are a few of them.

Community Pool

Community Pool

wine tasting room

Wine Tasting

Track & Field


Concerts & Plays

Concerts & Plays


The Value Proposition

Here are some more quick valid reasons why UCC is your best college choice. 

were your best choice neighborhood web Jun20

We are in your neighborhood! Since 1964, UCC has been serving the community and many of its alumni are still here - building up our neighborhood! UCC alumni are not only in your neighborhood, they are your neighbors! UCC is proud of its heritage and seeks to continually deliver a quality education for residents of Douglas County and beyond.

were your best choice cookie stash web Jun20

Raiding your dad's cookie stash is a valid reason why we are your best college choice. Why? Going to college is one of the largest investments you can make in yourself. Being able to stay at home with the support of friends and family is a great advantage. The kind of advantage that will make you successful. Plus, cookies are always a welcome perk!

were your best choice opportunities web Jun20

Creating opportunities for students is what sets us apart from many colleges. UCC faculty are well connected within the local community and beyond. Faculty are often keys to landing your first job after college! UCC also has a dedicated group of donors that are truly interested in helping students to succeed. The UCC Foundation awards hundreds of thousands of dollars as scholarship to hundreds of students every year. Other opportunities include UCC sports programs, student government, school newspaper, and music groups which provide rich experiences and the chance to use your talents to help pay for college!


How do I get started?

Do you have questions about the enrollment process, financial aid, online learning, or careers? UCC's virtual enrollment events cover those topics!

Do you need to talk to someone? Contact the enrollment staff to walk you through your steps. We are here to help you!

Office of Admissions

The enrollment staff in the Office of Admissions can help you with all the steps to become a River Hawk.

LaVerne Murphy Student Center - map
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 541-440-7743 or 1-800-820-5161 Ext. 7743

Meet the Enrollment Staff

Jantyne Bunce, Enrollment Advisor, 541-440-7743
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Chelsea Hansen, Enrollment Advisor, 541-440-7743
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Jessica Richardson, Recruitment Coordinator, 541-440-4677
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