Getting Started in Canvas

1. Make sure you have everything

Before you just jump right in and start learning how to use Canvas, let's make sure you have everything that you need. Click here to check the requirements

2. Learn how to use Canvas

Click each of the videos below to learn how to get started in Canvas

Canvas Overview

Getting Started 1

 Canvas Profile

Getting Started 2


Getting Started 3


Getting Started 4

Discussion Forums

Getting Started 5


Getting Started 6


Getting Started 7


Getting Started 8

Watch a video specific to Using Canvas at UCC (~16 minutes)

3. Enroll in a Canvas Orientation

If you want to learn more about Canvas and get a little bit of hands-on experience, you can enroll in the self-paced Online Canvas Orientation, by clicking here

4. Get Help With Canvas 24/7

Yeah, that's not a typo. You can get help 24/7. Click here to learn about all of the help options available within Canvas.

Help with Canvas

Contact 24/7 Canvas Support
1-855-782-5890 or Chat 

Contact UCCOnline

Help with PIN for

  • Student Self Service
  • Student Email

Contact the Admissions Office

Other Help with

  • Registration
  • Advising

Contact the Information Desk

Information Desk