Maintaining Your UCC Scholar Status

 Please note that the following is still in the process of being updated

A student accepted as a UCC Scholar must agree to the following program participation requirements in order to maintain the tuition waiver:

  • Attend a one day (10am to 3pm) UCC Scholars Boot Camp on September 11, September 12 or September 13
  • Enroll in fall term 2018
  • Enroll in HD 136 in fall term 2018 or winter term 2019.
  • Enroll for no more than six consecutive terms (summer 2019 is optional).
  • Enroll in and maintain a minimum of 12 credits each term. Enrollment in additional credits is allowed, however, any additional credits and all other fees or costs will not be covered by the 12 credit tuition waiver.
  • If a course(s) is/are dropped/withdrawn from during the academic term, the tuition cost of the course may be requested to be reimbursed to the college.
  • Maintain a minimum quarterly G.P.A. of 3.50 while attending UCC as a participant in the UCC Scholars Program.
  • Completion of the Associates degree or earning 90 credits before the six consecutive terms are completed will end participation in the program. Earned credit hours include any credits earned prior to acceptance as a UCC Scholar and all credits earned while a UCC Scholar.
  • Meet with an assigned Academic Advisor and/or Peer Mentor a minimum of once per term during the first year as a UCC Scholar.
  • Participate in two (2) hours/week of service on campus.
  • Should the UCC Scholar fail to meet the G.P.A. or credit requirement, one opportunity to appeal continuing participation in the program will be allowed. If the appeal is approved, the UCC Scholar will be considered to be on program probation. As a probationary student, the UCC Scholar will have specific conditions that must be met, along with the reqular requirements of the program in order to remain in the program.k Force. Successful completion of the probation term will return the UCC Scholar to regular status in the program. Failure to complete the probation term will remove the UCC Scholar from the program.


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Director of Student Life & Campus Engagement