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UCC Leads State's Community Colleges in GED Completion Rates

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Adult Basic Skills Program more than doubled this year's state average with a 34% completion rate.

ROSEBURG, Oregon – Umpqua Community College (UCC) is one of 17 community colleges in Oregon to offer classes for GED, skills review in reading and math, High School Diploma Recovery, and English Language Acquisition. For the second year in a row, UCC’s Adult Basic Skills (ABS) program has the highest number of GED graduates in the state, and it is the only community college in Oregon to have more than one-third of its students complete a GED. The state average is 14%; UCC more than doubled that average this past academic year with a 34% completion rate.

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ABS focuses on more than academic skills. The staff prepares students for workforce readiness and provides transition plans for those who want a career, an advanced education, or military training. This is accomplished by helping students; identify and overcome barriers, set goals either personal, academic, and/or career, and transition to the next steps in life i.e. employment, advanced education, or military training.

“Most of our students have faced some barrier(s) to completing their education,” Monique Reinwald, the program’s assessment and tracking coordinator, said. “This caused them to ‘step out’ of traditional education. Whatever the catalyst—themselves, family, and/or a better job—our students find the courage to ‘step back in’ to education.”

Many graduates have already benefited from completing their GED. Program graduates have gone on to pursue associate degrees and certificates at UCC while others have stepped directly into Douglas County’s workforce.

“Our dedicated staff and faculty have a true passion for helping students,” Reinwald said. “We have a dynamic and innovative team, and it shows in our students’ successes.”

The U.S. Census 2015 American Factfinder shows 12% or 10,455 Douglas County residents over the age of 18 do not have a high school diploma or equivalency. If you, or someone you know needs their GED or to brush up on reading or math before heading back to college, contact the ABS program. Classes are available in Tri-City, at the H. Woolley Center in Roseburg, and at UCC's main campus. New student orientations start every four weeks.

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