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Finding Value in Finishing What You Start

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Jade Meredith

Adult learner steps back in to education, completes a GED, and sets new goals.

“Mommy, how come I have to go to school when you didn’t?”

That’s a question Jade Meredith always dreaded she’d hear one day. She always thought she’d step back into her education pretty easily after not finishing high school. But after being off the education track for a while, she started to doubt herself and her abilities.

“I got a little reclusive,” she said.

For Jade, the best part about stepping back into UCC’s Adult Basic Skills Program was being part of a team with her peers. She began to value herself and her abilities again. Knowing that others valued her contributions gave Jade the extra kick to show up to class and make great things happen.

“I love the kids I go to school with,” she said. “I wouldn’t have completed my GED without others impacting me.”

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Success is a partnership; instructor to student and student to their peers. Learning life lessons together makes everyone stronger and more successful. Networking, showing up on time, and getting your part done are skills people use every day—whether you are a GED, high school, or college graduate.

Jade best summed up how leadership and mentoring works, “Supporting those around me, supports me.”

This June, Jade will be a proud GED graduate and has all the testing and registration done to start on her associate degree this fall. Graduating from UCC in 2019 is a certainty in her mind. Her ultimate education goal is to earn a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources.

Jade now has the perfect answer to the question she always dreaded hearing. Mommy DID go to school… just in a different way.

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