Success Center Student Resources

Resources at the Success Center

Academic coaching schedule
  - Academic Coaches
  - Skills Coaches 

College and GED Skills Review:

    - Placement Test Skills Review College placement test skills review and practice tests
    - LearningExpress Library. Skills review, test preparation, and software tutorials
    - Core Skills Mastery (CSM) |Skills review, GED and college prep
    - Khan Academy  Skills review and college prep 
    - Numerade. Online courses with video segments for math and science

Other services:
    - SmarThinking Online tutoring 24/7 found within Canvas (Must be logged in to view)  
    - Proctoring Services | For students from other colleges & universities who need to take a
        proctored test.  

We can help you:
    - Become a more confident, successful, independent learner
    - Develop your understanding and skills in a number of courses
    - Improve your time management, note-taking, and test-taking skills