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The lumber planer chain puller stands on a catwalk and pull lumber up to 26’ long off of the chains using proper body mechanics and roller on edge of chain in order to stack the lumber in free standing loads. Lumber is pulled according to grade and length at the planer chain. The lumber planer chain puller will be getting up and down off of the catwalk continuously throughout the day placing stickers on the loads, straightening loads and picking up lumber that has fallen off of the loads.

Job TitlePlaner Chain Puller


  • High paced physical demanding job.
  • Experience preferred but not required.

Job StatusTemporary – Hire On

HoursMonday - Thursday (5:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. - Hour lunch)  

Wage: $16.00 Per Hour (Can move up pending skills) 

Location: Riddle

How to Apply: Online with SelecTemp 

Position Closes: Open Until Filled