Student Code of Conduct


Administrative Procedure 5501

  1. Definitions: The following definitions apply for all policy and procedure related to Standards of Student Conduct:

  2. Day – Unless otherwise defined, day will mean a day during which the college is in session and regularly scheduled classes as published in the term schedule are held, excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

  3. Expulsion – Exclusion of the student by the Board of Education from all campuses and programs of Umpqua Community College for one or more years.

  4. Instructor or Faculty Member – Any academic employee of Umpqua Community College in whose class a student subject to discipline is enrolled, or Life Coach / Counselor who is providing or has provided services to the student, or other academic employee who has responsibility for the student’s educational program.

  5. Long-term Suspension – Exclusion of the student by the Provost and/or President for good cause from all classes and activities of the college for one or more terms.

  6. May – used in the permissive sense.

  7. ORS – Oregon Revised Statutes, the codified laws of the State of Oregon.

  8. Umpqua Community College or “the College” – Umpqua Community College or UCC; includes any College premises, College-sponsored or supervised functions, or at functions sponsored by the College.

  9. Removal from class – Exclusion of the student by an instructor for the day of the removal and the next class meeting.

  10. Shall – used in the imperative sense.

  11. Short-term suspension – Exclusion of the student by the Provost and/or President for good cause from one or more classes for a period not longer than 1 academic term.

  12. Student – Any person currently enrolled as a student at any campus or in any program offered by Umpqua Community College, including academic and certificate programs, dual credit, Career & Technical, Community & Workforce Training, and Adult Basic Skills programs.

  13. Written or verbal reprimand – An admonition to the student to cease and desist from conduct determined to violate the Standards of Student Conduct. Written reprimands may become part of a student’s permanent record at the college. A record of the fact that a verbal reprimand has been given may become part of a student’s record at the college for a period of up to one year.