Strategic Plan


In October 2018, the UCC Board of Education approved a new strategic plan for the College. The approval came after months of collective work with input from College employees, students, and community members. The draft plan was reviewed and revised multiple times before the final plan was presented to the Board.

The new strategic plan serves as a road map for achieving the College’s vision for the future. The plan helps fulfill the College’s mission, reflects the College’s values and core themes, and provides measurable goals for the next three years.


Umpqua Community College will be a model for educational innovation, empowering all students to contribute to an ever-changing, diverse world with confidence, competence, and compassion.


Umpqua Community College transforms lives and enriches communities.

  • Transforming Lives - Students are immersed in adventurous opportunities to explore new ideas and interact with others who have varied life experiences, cultures, careers, and ages. Whether taking one class or earning a certification or degree, enhancing career competencies or enriching personal skills, students are guided by a talented, encouraging faculty and staff. Students have a wide range of opportunities to grow and learn, from designing products with new technologies to writing for the student newspaper, conversing in a new language, competing in athletic events, volunteering to tutor young children, or hiking along the Umpqua River – and so much more. Every step, milestone, and achievement students make instill a sense of pride they will carry through life.
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  • Enriching Communities - Through education and programming, UCC enhances the quality of life of communities in which we learn, live, and work. UCC’s performing arts programs, art exhibits, guest speakers, special events, and athletic competitions are vehicles for people to communicate, learn about the world, enhance social bonds, consider significant events, and experience personal growth. The economic vitality of the area is elevated as a result of workforce training and partnerships with varied industries, businesses, and agencies. Students’ personal transformation helps our communities thrive and contributes to community transformation: college education translates to enhanced earning capacity, increased ability to be self-supporting, strengthened opportunities to maintain good health, heightened likelihood that education is valued by family, and expanded engagement in communities.
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Goal 1

Goal 1: Cultivate a healthy and efficient institutional culture.

Goal 2

Goal 2: Deliver high quality, relevant education opportunities through innovative and specialized academic programming.

Goal 3

Goal 3: Support student success from recruitment through program progression, completion of programs, and transfer or entry to the workforce.

Goal 4

Goal 4: Enhance integration of the College with the community.

Strategic Priorities

Each year, UCC derives strategic priorities from the Strategic Plan. Priorities are adjusted at the beginning of each academic year, based on the results of the annual review of the strategic plan, and are used to inform the subsequent year’s tactical plans, operational plans, and resource allocation.

Strategic Plan Annual Reports

The Strategic Plan is monitored on a monthly basis by the Senior Leadership Team and the Provost’s Council. Progress is formally reviewed mid-year and at the end of the year by UCC’s Strategic Plan Oversight Committee (SPOC). SPOC analyzes progress on strategic priorities, utilizing assessment data from academic and support areas of operation plus institutional indicator data, and makes recommendations for improvement and new priorities.