Safer Steps, Safer Students

The resources provided below are an optional opportunity to learn about selected topic(s) and are a part of providing comprehensive student services. We make these resources available to all students, regardless of whether they are taking classes on campus, remotely, or on-line.

You are encouraged to review the materials as you feel comfortable. The suggested videos, downloads, and websites are offered to you to promote your safety and well-being as a student at UCC.

Intimate Partner Violence - click to open

Sexual Violence Awareness - click to open


  • Summary of the Violence Against Women Act - from the Clery Center
  • VAWA Resources - The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is a landmark piece of legislation that sought to improve criminal justice and community-based responses to domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking in the United States.
  • The Hotline® - resources from the National Domestic Violence Hotline 
  • It's On Us - This program launched following recommendations from the White House Task Force to Prevent Sexual Assault that noted the importance of calling everyone into the conversation on sexual assault prevention.

Video Resources from AMAZE Org


Title IX - click to open

College Resources from Know Your IX

Other Resources

Alcohol and Drug Awareness - click to open

National Resources/Helplines/Websites

24 Hour Addiction Treatment Hotline 877.340.0184  
Addiction Center 888 641-4684.  
Al Anon and Alateen 888.425.2666 
Alcohol Abuse 24 Hour Hotline: 800.950.7226  
Alcoholics Anonymous 800-999-9210  
Cocaine Anonymous 503-256-1666 
Crystal Meth Anonymous 
Drug Abuse Hotline 877.959.7812  
Lines for Life 800-273-8255
Marijuana Anonymous 
Narcotics Anonymous 
SAMHSA 800.662.HELP (4357)

Hazing Prevention - click to open

Bystander Intervention - click to open