Accept Your Next RMC Course(s)

Congratulations on continuing the RMC Program!

As a returning student you should have received an email notification regarding your next RMC class(es). If you did not receive an email, please contact Gary Gray, RMC Program Advisor, by email at Please include your full name and student ID number in the communication.

The RMC Program consists of eight courses that are taken in a series. Please complete the form below and type in the course number (CRN) that is indicated in the email you received from the RMC Program Advisor.

Winter Term

Please check the email that you received from the RMC Program Advisor and type the course number(s) in the field(s) below:

From time to time a prescribed course is not available at the time of registration. Your digital signature below indicates that you are accepting the course(es) noted above or, in the event of a necessary substitution, the course that is assigned by the RMC Program Advisor at the time of registration. If you submit the form without a course number, you are indicating that you accept the next course in the series as assigned by your advisor.

I accept the next course in my RMC Program: