Dedicated Learning Communities

As part of our developmental education redesign efforts, we have institutionalized Dedicated Learning Communities for all students who test into one or more levels of developmental education in reading and writing.  We have three types of communities - a Gateway Community, which includes our lowest level reading and writing classes, along with a college success class; a Practicing Success Community, which includes our second level of DE reading and writing classes, a strategies for success class, and a class that serves as a "homeroom"; and a Mainstreamed Writing community, which includes WR095, WR121 (our freshman composition class), and RD115 (a critical reading class), with a recommended strategies for success class.

Our next step will be to expand one Practicing Success Community into a full First-Year Experience cohort.



*The charts represent averaged pass rates for each term.  11-12 and 12-13 are baseline years prior to required DLCs; 13-14 is the first full year of required DLCs.