New UCC Logo

Umpqua Community College is in the process of updating its logo. The logo the College currently uses was last redesigned in 2005. Updating a logo is no simple task.

Our goal throughout this process, which started more than a year ago, has been to honor history and tradition while reflecting innovation and growth. Now, it’s your turn to give us feedback.

The Office of Communications and Marketing created two distinct logos. Each logo has slight variations. Poster-sized displays of each design are currently located in three high-traffic areas on the UCC campus: Library, Gym Lobby, and Student Center. You are invited to stop by any of these locations and take a look. For your convenience, images of each of the four design can be found below.

Logo Option A

UCC logo option 1

Logo Option B

UCC logo option 2

Logo Option C

UCC logo option 3

Logo Option D

UCC logo option 4

These logo proposals will be physically displayed on the UCC campus through Friday, Nov. 2. The survey will close on Friday, Nov. 9.