Communications Specialist in Organizations

Pathways Certificate

The certificate represents 16 credit hours of completed course work that applies to entry level customer service or other communication-related jobs. Students who complete this certificate will have demonstrated skills in listening, persuasive message development, group dynamics and leadership, critical thinking, workplace writing, teamwork, and customer service.


Courses are listed in the terms students should consider taking them in order to complete the certificate in one year. The terms that courses are offered at UCC are given in ( ) after each course.


Business Communications BA 214 (3) (F,W,S,Su) ... OR ...
Customer Service BA 165 (3) (F,S,Su)


Persuasive Speech SP 112 (3) (W,S)
Small Group Discussion SP 219 (3) (W, S)


Listening SP105 (3) (W,S)
Technical Report Writing WR 227 (4) (F,W,S,Su)


Communication Specialist
Average Wage: $9.24 - 32.53 per hr.

New Account Clerks
Average Wage: $11.78 - 19.92 per hr.

Customer Service Representatives
Average Wage: $10.53 - 22.85 per hr.

Advertising Sales Agents
Average Wage: $10.98 - 44.23 per hr.

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