Estimating your Transition Payment Amount

Use this chart to estimate the amount that will be deducted from each paycheck during the repay interval. First, find your transition payment amount (on the left side of the chart. From there, draw a horizontal line to the right and stop when it touches the line in the chart representing your chosen repay interval. Drop straight down to the bottom of the chart to read the estimated paycheck deduction. The example in the chart shows the repay amount of approximately $40 per paycheck for a $1,000 transition payment and 12 month repay option.

Do you like working with Excel? Want to calculate your transition payment using Excel instead of using the chart?

View / Download the Transition Payment Estimator (Excel)

Repayment Options Chart v2

Change Your Direct Deposit

Apart from the transition payment, you can save money to prepare for the pay cycle change. Effectively, your savings plus your requested transition payment should add to your paycheck for one pay cycle. Would you like to change your payroll deductions by sending some money to a savings account? Fill out the form below and submit it to the Payroll Department.

Employee Direct Deposit Form