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Renewable Materials: Management & Marketing

Associate of Science Degree

Articulated with Oregon State University

Renewable Materials: Management and Marketing OptionThe Management & Marketing option provides the skills to manage organizations to be competitive in the global renewable materials marketplace or develop innovative and effective marketing programs for green products.


Wood is a renewable resource that is used to make many products that our society uses every day. Oregon is a leader in the manufacturing and utilization of wood products. There are exciting new technological advances in wood manufacturing that are rapidly expanding the opportunities to utilize wood as a building material. There is a strong job demand for these skills, and there are many scholarship opportunities for students and job opportunities for graduates with this degree.

Oregon State University

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Oregon State University

The Renewable Materials curriculum at UCC is intended to meet the requirements for the first two years of course work necessary for application to the Renewable Materials professional program at Oregon State University, College of Forestry. 

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Jarred Saralecos - Contact
Associate Professor, Renewable Materials
Phone: 541-440-7825