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Quick Apply - Summer and Fall 2020

It's always a good time to learn, grow and move in front of the pack.

Summer and Fall classes are going to ROCK online. In-person classes will, in due course, appear more and more over time. Despite challenging times, we are here and so should YOU! If you are a graduating high school senior, GED completer, laid-off worker, or underemployed, you can think ahead, learn new skills, and be ready for the future! 

Many things have changed.

History teaches us that during tough times reaching educational goals can make you ready for future opportunities. Here are some things to consider in the short to medium term. (0-18 months)

Hiring by National Economic Sectors Chart - April 2020

  • Corporate Services have experienced some growth.
    • As companies lay off workers, people and companies fill the gaps as needed.
    • Examples. Accounting, Project Management, Facilities Management, Finance, Budgeting, and Compliance.
  • Finance took a dip but it was much lower than many other sectors.
    • Banks are involved in aspects of the CARES Act.
  • Health Care dipped but is more resilient than other sectors.
    • Many elective health care services are being postponed.
  • Legal Services are in an uptrend.
    • Helping businesses of all sorts navigate the new legal landscape.
  • Public Safety jobs are in demand.
    • Examples. Firefighters, Paramedics, and Police Officers.
  • Software & IT Services are in a growth cycle.
    • Moving infrastructure and services online.

Although it is true that laid-off workers can collect unemployment checks, only those that increase their skills now will win jobs as things go back to normal.

Data taken from April Workforce Report 2020 on LinkedIn. See also Most in-demand jobs during Coronavirus on LinkedIn

We have programs that fit trends now and in the future.

Browse some popular certificate and degree programs below or see our full lists of transferCTE, and online programs. This short-list will change over the coming weeks and month as we evaluate the situation as it keeps evolving. You can also view, download, and print our full list of degrees and certificates

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Next Steps

Contact the Admissions staff to walk you through your steps. They are here to help you! Call us at 541-440-7743.

Money for College

How can you pay for all this? Good question. Right? There are hundreds of thousands (more like millions) of dollars available. It is possible to leave college without debt! (Yes. You read that correctly!) Devoting some time and effort to securing money for college can pay off BIG.

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