Presidential Search Report - October 19, 2020



To: Umpqua Community College students, Faculty, Staff, and Community Members 

From: Steve Loosley, UCC Board of Education, chair

RE: Presidential Search Update


Last week’s Board of Education work session concerning the Presidential Profile generated plenty of buzz on campus and the community. Some wondered aloud, “Why isn’t the Board using a professional search firm? We need some adult supervision. The Board doesn’t know
what they’re doing!”

The heightened interest and angst is understandable because of the uncertainty that comes with a change of leadership. Thankfully, Dr. Thatcher gave the College over one-year’s notice before her retirement. The extended time allows the Board to think carefully about what we want in our next president.

The Board is committed to a nation-wide search that will be equitable, participatory, inclusive, and transparent, and we will recruit a diverse and robust pool of candidates. The campus and community will provide input during the recruiting and interview phases noted in the Timeline. Nothing is more important than finding someone who is the right fit for our next president.

Some may question the wording and style of the profile. The Board Ad-Hoc Search Committee is a big fan of Patrick Lencioni, and if you’re familiar with his work, you may hear echoes of his thought. The Committee intentionally adopted an edgy style. I would hazard to guess that anyone who is still reading has firsthand experience with the mounting challenges of hiring someone outside of our community. We chose the style to generate interest in a broad audience, especially among those seeking a rural community.

Lastly, the Board is committed to a smooth transition that will continue, build-on, and extend the tactical and operational plans the College has diligently developed and implemented and especially the assessment work. Please rest assured that the search is the Board’s top priority.