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Lifeguard on the lookoutSpring Term (April 3 - June 16)

Lifeguarding & Water Safety Opportunities

Need a summer job? UCC is seeking to fill 20-25 Lifeguarding and Water Safety positions (see open job listings under "Summer Recreation"). In order to be considered, you must take at least one of the following classes (depends on the position):

  • Lifeguarding: MWF 1600-1750 (5/8-6/9) CRN42413
  • Water Safety Instructor: TTh 1630-1920 (5/3-6/2) CRN42414

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Credit Classes

  • Beginning Swim: MWF 1300-1440 (5/8-6/9) CRN42411
  • Swim for Fitness: MWF 1300-1440 (5/8-6/9) CRN42412

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Craig Jackson - Contact
Chair, Associate Professor, Human Health & Performance / Outdoor Recreation

Donna McGeehon - Contact
Administrative Secretary, Physical Ed
Phone: 541-440-4686