Orion Nebula

Paul Morgan Observatory

The Paul Morgan Observatory (PMO) is designed to provide onsite and online viewings of the sun and night sky. The observatory will also serve to provide outreach to schools and other groups via the Internet and onsite tours. If skies are cloudy a short lecture with slides and videos will be presented. See announcements below.

Photograph above: Orion Nebula from PMO

Paul Morgan Observatory - An Introduction 

Winter Observing- Free to the public 

Clouds and rain have signalled the beginning of the Fall/Winter  Observatory Season.  No scheduled events will be planned until Spring 2020. 

Short Notice observing opportuities will be posted only 24 to 48 hours prior of an observing night.  Weather may still interfere, so please check this site frequently for the latest updates. 

LOOK HERE for short notice events----------------- 


Many people helped the outreach and education work of the observatory in 2019.  I would like to acknowledge the support and generous offering of time and donations. More than 340 people attended the observatory in 2019- on site or online. 

First, I'd like to  offer a great thanks to all the Umpqua Community College staff.  Thanks to the many skilled helpers in the IT department, the gifted maintenance workers of Facilities, the talented communication and marketing  staff helping with this web-page, flyers and announcements.  I'd also like to recognize the great assistance from the staff at UCC Online with outreach and the summer GS 107 online class.   More kudos go to the security staff that kept a watchful eye over the observatory and helped with events.  Hats off to the UCC Foundation staff for helping manage monies for the observatory. A special thanks to the Athletics department for helping clear downed tree limbs and logs to the south of the observatory. Thanks to the Science Department for unwavering support as well as the Dept. of Technical and Applied Science for help throughout the year.  Thanks for all the help and support. 

Second, I'd like to thank the many donors that helped at the observatory in 2019. Thanks to everyone that gave money to improve and sustain the observatory in its mission of education and outreach.  Please see the thank you letter in your mailbox. I'd also like to thank the donors that gave of their time,talent,and hard work.  Many thanks to the volunteers from Umpqua Astronomers that spent endless hours working with computers, cameras and telescopes.  Thanks for the help during public events  and outreach.  Your help has made a great contribution to the observatory.

Third, I would like to single out thanks to the generous work of Limb Walkers and its crew.  They came on a hot August evening and trimmed bothersome trees along the southern and southwestern horizon of the observatory,. This effort will allow unrestricted vistas of many southern star clusters and nebula as well as a parade of planets.  Thanks for your generous support. 

Lastly, I'd like to thank the many people that came to the observatory either on site or online.  Thanks to the teachers, librarians and students that observed the sun , moon, planets and much more.  Also, I'd like to thank the public for your curiosity and enthusiasm for solar observing as well as the wonders of the night sky.  Please  come back in 2020.


Visit the Observatory

School visits to the observatory, either online or on site will now be available as weather permits. Please email the observatory to arrange a visit for either day (solar) or night time observing. Schools that want to visit online should email for arrangements and a special link for either daytime (solar) or night time (night sky) observing.

The observatory is located near the Tower Building at UCC. Limited parking is available around the Tower Building. However, there is more parking down the hill from the observatory in front of the Technology Center. For more information, see map.

The observatory is handicap accessible and is designed for wheelchair viewing of the TV monitors. Images are seen in real-time in color on large screen TV monitors allowing for group presentations. Simultaneously, the presentations with images can be broadcast online.

Did you know?

Each summer, students can enroll in GS107 - Beginning Astronomy. This 4 credit transferable science class with lab is available online but encourages local students to come to the observatory several times during the 9 week term starting in July. More distant students can access the observatory imaging sessions remotely via Zoom. This is a great class to take in order to fulfill a science elective for many programs of study! The 2019 Summer term starts July 1 and ends August 29. Be sure to check the summer class schedule in May/June.

UCC supports STEAM education in the community. In addition to the observatory, UCC also supports the Umpqua Valley STEAM Hub. Together, we have promoted events like the Solar System Walk, STEAM Extravaganza, and many Observatory programs. 

UCC offers degree programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (aka STEAM). You are invited to explore them, share them, and get started in these vital fields of study. In fact, please take a few moments to become familiar with these UCC programs.

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We hope that the activities at the Paul Morgan Observatory inspire you to "Reach for the Stars" by starting an educational journey in STEAM related areas of study at UCC. Ready?


Paul Morgan - Contact
Assistant Professor, Science - Astronomy
Observatory 541-440-4719 leave a message or 541-673-1081