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UCC has a number of resources to make class registration easy to navigate.

ROSEBURG, Oregon – It’s registration time at Umpqua Community College (UCC). Choosing classes can be difficult and nerve wracking, but thankfully, UCC offers resources to make this an easy experience.


These publications are sent out every term to students so they can explore class options. Course Schedules include a detailed list of classes available, UCC contacts, available degree plans, and a map of the college campus to allow students to locate their classes. In the Course Schedule, a student can review:

  • Classes
  • Instructors
  • Course Reference Numbers (CRNs)
  • Locations
  • Additional Fees
  • Credits
  • Class Dates


Sitting down and talking to an Academic Advisor is a great place to start. This gives students the option to touch bases with UCC and identify where they are at academically. Academic Advisors can help create schedules, choose classes, create a planner, and figure out transfer plans. Walk-ins are welcome Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. and from 1 to 4:30 p.m.

For more in-depth planning lasting longer than 15 minutes, students are asked to schedule an appointment. Students can schedule their own appointments with Advisors by:

  • Logging into their Self-Service Banner,
  • Selecting Make Advisor Appointment Here, and
  • Logging into AdvisorTrac using their 800#. Here, you can search availability and select an appointment time.

Note: Veterans and Accessibility Services students can schedule an academic advising appointment with Danielle Haskett by calling (541) 440-7900.


Another resource, Banner Self-Service, also offers a Look-Up-Class option. This option provides information for students to choose a term and view what classes are available along with a short description and list of pre-requisites/co-requisites. If a student wishes to add a certain class to their schedule, an “Add to Worksheet” feature is available. To access this resource, log into Self Service Banner, select the Student Tab, then select the Registration link and finally select “Look Up Classes.”


Thanks to the UCC Title III Grant, the College has DegreeWorks, which is another amazing resource for students to review their academic progress, class requirements, calculate their GPA, and more! And as of June 1, 2018, a new feature will be available: Financial Aid Information. This new feature will allow students to see if they are meeting the criteria on seven financial aid awards. Although dollar amounts will not show, students can still use this as a tool to ensure they are meeting the criteria for their Financial Aid.

To view your DegreeWorks Planner, log into Self Service Banner, select the Student Tab, select the Student Records link, then select “Degree Audit and Planner."

Story by Katelyn Barry, Student Writer

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