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Mercy Medical Reps at UCC Job Fair

UCC works to provide students with the resources necessary to promote academic success.

ROSEBURG, Oregon – As a school, Umpqua Community College (UCC) enjoys providing students with the resources that are necessary to succeed. One way the College does this is by hosting job fairs on campus. On Wednesday, Nov. 8, UCC held one of these hiring fairs in the LaVerne Murphy Student Center. Several local employers were invited to set up tables and recruit candidates for open jobs.

These job fairs are available to the public, and are a way for students to look at multiple job opportunities in the comfort of their school environment. With a large variety of jobs, there were options for everyone. This event encouraged students to go from booth–to-booth, ask questions, and learn about what each job offers. Each job at the job fair offered different benefits, wages, and hours. Some businesses that participated included: Evergreen Family Health, the National Guard, and the Transportation Security Administration. Most businesses that attended offered entry-level jobs that require a high school diploma or GED.

Ben Horvath, the Student Job Placement Consultant at UCC, said, “This (fair) gives students the ability to learn about a job before they decide on what they want to do. Sometimes people go for a certain job without looking at their other options and miss out. That’s why UCC holds events like this. Students should go to different booths and get involved by asking questions, finding different options, and making connections with these businesses.”

Horvath also mentioned how students can make an impression at a job fair.

“Bring a resume and dress for success,” Horvath said, “because you don’t know if a business is looking to hire someone right then and there.”

Students who were unable to attend this job fair can check out the available jobs posted on the UCC website’s Student Job Placement page. For those who want a more in-person experience, UCC will be offering a Careers after College event this coming spring. Careers after College is an informational event that gives students an idea of what type of careers they will be able to pursue after college graduation.

Article by Katelyn Barry, UCC student

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