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Meet your Academic Advisors

Dr Mitch Mitchell

Dr. Mitch Mitchell, Director

B.S., Business Administration, Elizabeth City State University
M.A., Communications, Regent University
Ph.D., Education, Capella University

Thoughts on Advising and Career Coaching

“I assist students to successfully navigate college and beyond. Advising is a shared responsibility, where I guide, advise and support students on how to make comprehensive decisions about their future. My job supports my passion by enabling me to: purposefully engage students, individually assess their needs and desires, and equip them with the tools they need to succeed and accomplish their desired goals.”

Dr. Mitch Mitchell

IMG 4368 1 2 Mike Olson crop

Michael Olson, Academic Advisor

AAOT, Umpqua Community College
B.S., Psychology, Southern Oregon University

Thoughts on Advising

“I really enjoy my job as an Academic Advisor. I get to see students grow during their time at UCC. My role is to support each student in as many ways as I can. I want students to see their potential as a person and student. My hope is that the students will see how each one of them is unique and that they have the ability to persevere and succeed in college!”

Michael Olson

P1870357 2 Jasen Lynch crop

Jasen Lynch, Academic Advisor

AAOT, Umpqua Community College

Thoughts on Advising

"Far too often we limit ourselves and our potential to succeed. My absolute favorite part of Academic Advising is helping students realize that their dreams are achievable; giving them the tools to empower themselves, and craft their own personal journey to success. Everyone’s college experience is vastly different, and it’s vital that every student creates a plan that works for them. It’s also important that they enjoy the journey, and not fixate on the end goal.”

Jasen Lynch

Christina Wooten

Christina Wooten, Academic Advisor

B.S., Business Management, Jacksonville Univerity
M.B.A., University of Phoenix
M.Ed., University of Phoenix

Thoughts on Advising 

“Empowerment, Education, Elevation- that is what Academic Advising means to me. As an advisor, I get the opportunity to work with students as a partner on their educational journey. The students I advise share their goals, and together, we make a plan for their success.  As part-time faculty, I enjoy sharing insight with students to empower them as they engage with their professors. Dr. King said, “We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education.” With their UCC education in hand, I help students elevate their future!”

Christina Wooten

Dan Ruch

Dan Ruch, Academic Advisor

B.A., Theater, University of Northern Colorado
M.F.A., Theater, University of Missouri, Kansas City
M.Ed., Education, Northern Arizona University

Thoughts on Advising 

“What excites me about advising at UCC is the moment when I can connect someone to just the right resource at just the right time. As students work their way through classes, there will be many pitfalls and obstacles put in their way. My job is to reconnect them with their own power to persevere and believe in their ability to surmount those difficulties. By fiercely pursuing their goals and dreams students will leave UCC with greater respect for their abilities and themselves.”

Dan Ruch