Meet your Advisors

Michael Olson2

Michael Olson, Academic Advisor

AAOT, Umpqua Community College
BS, Psychology, Southern Oregon University

Thoughts On Advising

“I really enjoy my job as an Academic Advisor. I get to see students grow during their time at UCC. My role is to support each student in as many ways as I can. I want students to see their potential as a person and student. My hope is that the students will see how each one of them is unique and that they have the ability to persevere and succeed in college!”

Michael Olson

Jasen Lynch2

Jasen Lynch, Academic Advisor

AAOT, Umpqua Community College

Thoughts on Advising

"I believe that it is important for people to pursue their passions.  Far too often we limit ourselves and our potential to succeed.  My absolute favorite part of Academic Advising is helping students realize that their dreams are achievable; giving them the tools to empower themselves, and craft their own personal journey to success.  Everyone’s college experience is vastly different, and it’s vital that every student creates a plan that works for them.  It’s also important that they enjoy the journey, and not fixate on the end goal.  College is so much more than a means to an end.  It is a key to becoming a more informed, well-rounded, and joyful human being."

Jasen Lynch


Emily Fiocco, Academic Advisor

BA, English, Darthmouth College
Dual Masters in Public Administration and International Studies, OU

Thoughts on Advising

"My goal as an advisor is to collaborate with students, faculty, and staff at UCC to help all students succeed in their goals and passions here at UCC and beyond. I believe a good advisor listens to students to understand their needs and becomes their advocate. Helping individuals and institutions overcome barriers to success and achieve equitable outcomes are some of my greatest passions.

I come to advising at UCC after working in a lot of fields, including health software, Peace Corps, higher education administration, local government, and performance auditing for the state of Oregon. I love getting to know new thoughts, ideas, people, books, and nature. I’m excited to bring my experience and an open mind and work with UCC’s dynamic team of faculty, staff, and students!"

Emily Fiocco

Diana Kelly

Diana Kelly, Academic Advisor

AAS Accounting, Umpqua Community College
BA, Business Administration & Organizational Management and leadership.

Thoughts on Advising

"I really enjoy academic advising because it allows me to assist our students attain their academic goals. I have a wonderful career, I get to work in a park-like setting with dedicated colleagues. I am able to help students open doors to a future of untold success and adventure!"

Diana Kelly

Danna May

Danna-May Blommer, Career Coach

AAS-MGMT, Umpqua Community College
BS, Integrative Studies - Minor Anthropology/Sociology and Business
Eastern Oregon University

Thoughts on Advising and Career Coaching

"Humor is an important part of my daily journey. I believe the path to success is integrative, there is no single solution. For me personally, receiving an education was the catalyst for my success. I am one of the lucky ones; my dream was to finish my education and to become a member of student services at Umpqua Community College. Being a Career Coach and Advisor at UCC allows me to be part of something bigger than myself. I am helping students be more, find more, and do more. I am helping their future begin. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a student overcome obstacles and be successful. Being able to show students that it is okay to not know what you want to do, they have options and resources to help them find the path they want to take, and somebody to help them align their educational and career goals."

Danna-May Blommer

 les rogers

Les Rogers, Director, TOP

If your are a student in the Transfer Opportunity Program, your academic advisor is a TOP assigned advisor.

Thoughts On Advising

I have been a teacher for most of my professional life in both Junior High and High School. I am known in all my jobs as "The Tech Guy," which I wear as a badge of honor helping to roll out new technologies and troubleshoot problems. I am currently the Director of the Transfer Opportunity Program, and I teach several Human Development courses throughout the year. I have also worked as a database administrator in several previous jobs. I enjoy challenges and have taken on several throughout my professional life including curriculum development for The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and for The California Supreme Court through the Administrative Offices of the Court in San Francisco. My career goal is to utilize my public administration knowledge, technological know-how, and professional teaching experience to improve the education and disability services system in the United States.

Les Rogers

Jennifer Driskill pic2

Jennifer Driskill, Academic Advisor, TOP

AAOT, Umpqua Community College
BS, Psychology, Southern Oregon University

Thoughts On Advising

“I love that my journey has taken me full circle and brought me back to where it all began. I love the interaction and relationships that I am building with students. I look forward to guiding students through their own journey while empowering them by reminding them how resilient, strong and capable they are. Each student is unique and my goal is to treat each one with empathy, sensitivity, and awareness.”

"Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession" ~Gabrielle Bernstein

Jennifer Driskill

danielle haskett

Danielle Haskett, Accessibility Services Coordinator

AAOT, Umpqua Community College
BS, Business Management & Marketing, University of Oregon
Masters of Education, Special Education, Grand Canyon University

Thoughts On Advising

“I am passionate about being a UCC alumni and employee. My goal is to assist students in any way that I can to achieve their educational and life goals! I enjoy getting to know our students and guiding them through the process of college. I inform you decide!”

Danielle Haskett

Kira Oerman

Kira Oerman, Athletics Advisor

BA, Psychology, Oregon State University
Master of Science in Educational Leadership and Policy, Portland State University

Thoughts on Advising

"Advising is something that I thoroughly enjoy. My goal is to help each student navigate the college process and to serve as a resource for them. Advising is a critical part of each student’s time at UCC and I want each student to walk away feeling as though they got their questions answered. I feel honored to be able to help students reach their goals and it is something I am very passionate about!"

Kira Oerman