Digital Library Services


The UCC Library is OPERATING virtually and closed to in-person services until further notice. Please see below for details.

Library Building and Computer Labs

  • The library building is currently closed to in-person services. The computer lab, print collection, and reserve textbooks (except ECE textbooks) are not available for checkout. Our library staff and the services below will be available online.
  • Students who need access to a computer or the internet for the purposes of enrolling or online course participation are encouraged to visit the Open Computer Labs
  • Due dates for our print collection will be extended until we reopen.

Online Library Resources

  • The library’s digital collection is available for students. This includes our collection of academic ebooks, academic articles, news, magazines, encyclopedias, and streaming video on the Library website

Reserve Textbooks/Collection Development

  • Please use this form to communicate with us about your reserve textbook and collection development needs: Faculty Request Form for Textbooks/Library Collection
  • Since we aren’t able to circulate our print collection (with the exception of term check-outs for the grant-funded ECE textbooks), we are working to find digital alternatives to support your classes. We would like to know as quickly as possible what your student needs are for reserve textbooks and also what your needs for our regular collection are. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, please still complete the form since we can follow-up with you. There is also an area for requesting collection for subject areas or research guides to be created with links to web resources on a subject.
  • In regard to reserve textbooks, we have created the attached UCC Library Course Reserves Policy. It’s on our website under Policies: Course Reserves Policy.
  • Please reach out to us if you are interested in seeing what open educational resources (OER) are available for your classes since these textbook options are always freely accessible for your students.   

ECE Textbooks and Graphing Calculators

Open Educational Resources

  • As your students may be experiencing greater financial stress than usual if they’re unable to work due to the coronavirus, you might want to consider investing your time in trying resources and tools that will continue to be free to you and your students after the crisis is over. Contact the library to get started or see our OER guide.

Copyright, Fair Use, and the Teach Act

  • Unsure whether and how you can share a resource or video via Canvas with your students? Contact the library with questions or see our Copyright guide.

Interlibrary Loan

  • Interlibrary loan will continue to be available for online resources, but not for print resources.

Research Help


  • We will be available to help students 1-1 with research for their assignments and questions about Canvas, Zoom, technology and the college via email, phone, and Zoom. See our Ask-a-Librarian page for these contact options.

Ask-a-Librarian Forums in Your Canvas Courses

  • We can add an Ask-a-Librarian discussion forum in your Canvas course. When students post to these, I can respond ASAP.

Library Research Tutorial

  • You can add this link to your Canvas course so that students can refer to it when they have questions about research, finding, choosing, and using sources, and citations.

COVID-19 Sources

Information Literacy Instruction

Library Research Tutorial

Link to the Library Research Tutorial from your Canvas course. This tutorial has videos and text to help your students with the basics of library and Web research. 

Library Research Tutorial Canvas Module

  • You can embed the Library Research Tutorial Canvas Module into your Canvas course. Here are instructions.

Zoom and Customized Canvas Modules/Activities

Contact Jennifer Lantrip, Research & Instruction Librarian to schedule: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • For those of you who have assignments that require research, the purpose of information literacy instruction is to help your students learn how to find, select, incorporate, and cite sources from either the library or the Web for your assignments.
  • Below is what I've been suggesting, but I am open to new ideas and am willing to do whatever works best for your class. 
  • Please get in touch with me if you are interested.

Zoom + Assignments in Canvas

  • I’ll design the lecture and assignments to help your students learn how to research for your course.
  • We would do any combination of the Zoom sessions, quizzes, discussions, and assignments below.


  • I’ll schedule a live session and post the invitation in your course. During the live session, students will be able to attend if they would like to. The benefit is that they get to ask questions if they want. The live session is recorded.
  • As soon as its ready, I’ll post the recording of the live session in your course so that students who weren’t able to attend the live session can watch it later.

Assignments in Canvas

  • Quizzes
    • The purpose is basic comprehension of what they just learned. These might be based upon the Zoom lecture or upon an existing short tutorial video. These are multiple choice and true/false. I try to make these extremely easy since the purpose is simply comprehension. These are graded automatically by Canvas.
  • Discussions
    • The purpose of these is usually for them to be able try out what they have learned and discuss how it went with other students and myself. The instructor is also welcome to join in, but it’s not necessary.
    • Usually, the instructions ask them to try something out that they just learned and report back on what they did and how it went for them or what tips they have for other people. They need to make their initial post by a certain date and then respond to two classmates by a later date.
    • These can be great because then I can respond to individual students and make suggestions.
    • The instructor would need to do the grading (you could make it simple: full points for participation).
  • Assignments
    • The purpose of these is for students to put into practice what they just learned.
    • These assignments usually asks them to go do what they just learned and submit it via Canvas. For example, it might ask them to find an website related to their research topic, discuss why they think it’s a credible source, summarize what they learned from it, provide an in-text citation, and provide a bibliographic citation.