ASUCC Office Descriptions


It shall be the responsibility of a Senator to:

  1. Assume the responsibility of being a leader of students.
  2. Work with the Student Life Office to develop processes and strategies to maximize student involvement and applicants for leadership positions.
  3. Attend and participate in at least 80 percent of regularly scheduled ASUCC Leadership Board meetings per quarter unless an absence is approved by the ASUCC Leadership Board.
  4. Serve as a voting member of ASUCC Leadership Board.
  5. Establish and maintain a minimum of seven (7) working hours per week, which includes the one (1) hour ASUCC Leadership Board meeting, the one (1) hour ASUCC Leadership Team Meeting, the one (1) hour senator training, and four (4) office hours which are served during regular college business hours, excluding finals week and quarterly breaks. Scheduling conflicts with any regularly established meeting must be approved by the ASUCC Leadership Team and rescheduled as an office hour by the senator.
  6. Participate in a one (1) hour orientation session with the ASUCC President before starting his/her first term as senator.
  7. Lobby, when necessary and appropriate.
  8. Be responsible for taking any student concerns to the ASUCC Leadership Board.
  9. Serve on at least one (1) ASUCC Leadership Team committee or task force and/or one (1) college committee or task force unless there is an insufficient amount of committees and task forces to work with or unless approved to do otherwise by the ASUCC Leadership Team.
  10. Support all ASUCC Leadership Team functions and activities, as practical.
  11. Assist with Student Life Office and campus events, as practical, including (but not limited to) Commencement.
  12. Provide tours of the college upon request and as available.
  13. Attend on or off-campus leadership development conferences, as schedule allows.
  14. Develop and maintain a healthy working relationship with the ASUCC Executive Council officers, Club Council representatives and the ASUCC Advisor.
  15. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the following:
    1. ASUCC Constitution and Bylaws
    2. ASUCC Office Procedure Manual
    3. ASUCC Performance Review Handbook
    4. ASUCC Budget
    5. Student Code of Conduct
    6. Umpqua Community College Mission, Vision and Values and Strategic Plan
  16. Perform other duties as set forth in the ASUCC Constitution and Bylaws.
  17. Perform other duties as agreed upon by the ASUCC Leadership Team.