ASUCC Office Descriptions

Business Manager

It shall be the responsibility of the Business Manager to:

  • Serve as chair for the Finance Task Force.
  • Serve as chair for the Project CANS Task Force.
  • Prepare the agenda before each scheduled ASUCCLeadership Board meeting.
  • Distribute meeting agendas and supporting materials at ASUCC Leadership Board meetings.
  • Be responsible for keeping a record of attendance for ASUCC Leadership Board meetings.
  • Record the minutes of ASUCC Leadership Board meetings.
  • Record all action items voted on during ASUCC Leadership Board meetings and maintain as permanent record.
  • Prepare official minutes for review and approval at ASUCC Leadership Board meetings.
  • Oversee records and files of any ASUCC Leadership Board committees and task forces including copies of correspondence, meeting minutes and agendas.
  • Maintain an ongoing calendar of all ASUCC Leadership Board and college meetings and ASUCC Leadership Team events.
  • Provide the chair for any ASUCC Leadership Team committee and task force with a list of all members and any materials or documents and instructions intended for the committee and/or task force.
  • Keep, on record, a list of all college committees and task forces and the names of the ASUCC members that serve on them and provide the list to the chair of each committee and/or task force.
  • Announce at ASUCC Leadership Team meetings any committee meetings scheduled for the week.
  • Monitor expenditures from the ASUCC Leadership Team budget.
  • Monitor active ASUCC student organizations and student club accounts.
  • Provide one (1) written financial report per term to the ASUCC Leadership Board.
  • Carry out to the best of his/her individual abilities any additional duties assigned by the ASUCC Leadership Board.