ASUCC Office Descriptions

Vice President

It shall be the responsibility of the Vice President to:

  • Discharge the duties of the ASUCC President in the case of absence, resignation, or forfeiture of the office by the ASUCC President.
  • Serve as the parliamentarian to the ASUCC Leadership Board.
  • Serve as chair of the Elections Committee.
  • Serve as the representative to the Oregon Community College Student Association (OCCSA).
  • Maintain a working relationship with local legislators on issues that affect community college students.
  • Update the ASUCC Leadership Board on legislative issues that affect community college students.
  • Work with the ASUCC Public Relations Director to distribute relevant legislative information on campus.
  • Acquire a working knowledge of the Oregon State legislative structure, hotlines and bill procedures.
  • Serve as a representative on the Achieving the Dream college committee.
  • Coordinate and supervise ASUCC regular and special elections.
  • Facilitate any ASUCC appointments processes.
  • Review and update any materials pertaining to ASUCC Elections
  • Carry out to the best of his/her individual abilities any additional duties assigned by the ASUCC Leadership Board.