ASUCC Office Descriptions


It shall be the responsibility the President to:

  • Serve as the chairperson of ASUCC  Leadership Board.
  • Serve as the Chair of the ASUCC Bylaws Review Task Force.
  • Attend all College Board meetings throughout the school year.
  • Serve on College Council (or other similar governance body)
  • Serve, when appointed, on applicable college standing and ad hoc committees and task forces.
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of all ASUCC Leadership Team committees and task forces.
  • Certify the ASUCC Leadership Team with the Oregon Council of Student Services Administrators.
  • Interpret the ASUCC Bylaws.
  • Carry out the provisions of the ASUCC Bylaws.
  • Enforce the decisions of the ASUCC Leadership Board .
  • Be vested with the power to act for ASUCC, where time necessitates, and report such action at a regular ASUCC Leadership Board meeting.
  • Veto any action taken by the ASUCC Leadership Board which the President feels is not in the best interests of the Associated Students and reports any such action at the next regular meeting of the ASUCC Leadership Board.
  • Conduct weekly one (1) hour training sessions with ASUCC Senators.
  • Conduct one (1) hour orientation sessions for new ASUCC Senators.
  • Carry out to the best of his/her individual abilities any additional duties assigned by the ASUCC Student Leadership Board.