ASUCC 2018 Elections

Interested in being a student Leader?

Applications for the 2018-2019 officer positions are available as of April 19, 2018

Application Process

The deadline for applications is Friday, May 4 @ 4 p.m. Candidates are still able to write-in after this date. Please review application packet for more information. 

  • An ASUCC Leadership Board Application
  • A typed nomination statement of no more than 250 words; and
  • A nomination petition with fifty (50) signatures from students currently enrolled in college credits or other credit at Umpqua Community College

Download an ASUCC Officer Application Packet

In addition the applicant must:

  • Attend two ASUCC Leadership Board meetings in the current academic year and no later than May 11. The meeting requirement must be met prior to campaigning. If the applicant is unable to attend ASUCC Leadership Team Board meetings due to a class conflict, the applicant must meet with the ASUCC Vice-President to determine a viable alternative.

Optional, but recommended that the applicant attend an informational meeting with the ASUCC President. Available meeting times are Monday-Friday (4/23-5/11) between 2pm-5pm.Contact ASUCC President for appointment at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or stop by the ASUCC Offices, located in the Student Center.


Applicants shall receive a copy of the Candidates’ Handbook upon approval of their nomination petition by ASUCC  Leadership Board. Campaigning runs from Monday, April 30 through the close of voting on Wednesday, May 16. However, candidates may not begin to campaign until they have received the Candidates Handbook, have reviewed the handbook with the ASUCC Elections Chair, and have signed a Candidate Agreement. Candidates must also attend two ASUCC Leadership Board meetings in the current year and no later than May 11; the meeting requirement must be met prior to campaigning.

Applicants will not resort to character defamation, libel or slander of another applicant which includes, but is not limited to remarks and/or written statements regarding other applicants’ integrity, character and ability to hold office. ASUCC Elections are not a popularity contest. It is not an opportunity to belittle another applicant/candidate in order to appear better. This is about who you are and what you will bring to the position.

Selection Process

All qualified candidates who submit their application materials by the May 4 deadline will have their name placed on the ASUCC Spring Elections ballot. Any qualified applicant who misses the deadline may run as a write-in candidate, but must complete the application process, including attending ASUC Leadership Board Meetings and meeting with the ASUCC President to receive/review and sign the Candidate Agreement by May 14 at 9 a.m.

Selection will be by popular vote in the ASUCC Spring Election.