UCC engages in three levels of planning across the campus in order to determine goals and action for achieving our mission to transform lives and enrich communities. The three levels are aligned, indicate data needed to show achievement, and drive continuous improvement by informing successive planning cycles.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is a set of strategic goals and priorities, which define UCC’s direction for multiple years. These goals and priorities are guided by the College’s mission, vision, and values; an analysis of external and internal environments; and current and emerging patterns, trends, and expectations.

Tactical PlansIE Pyramid Image Admin

Tactical Plans include multi-year goals and actions to accomplish the College’s Strategic Plan goals and operational imperatives along with measurable milestones, outcomes, and indicators of success. Tactical plans are the responsibility of members of the President’s Senior Leadership Team and of the Provost’s Council.

Operational Plans

Operational plans are completed by leaders of support and academic areas of study. Operational plans include actions that each area will undertake during a single year to improve operations and support the strategic or tactical plan priorities. Each action includes measurable actions, milestones, and associated indicators of success.