Dual Credit

Dual Credit allows you to take college-level classes through approved high school teachers at your high school. Every year, around 750 high school students in Douglas County are registered in a dual credit class. Classes included transfer courses, such as writing and math, and well as career and technical courses, such as welding and early childhood education. Dual credit courses are free to the student, so you can save over $300 per course.

Dual credits granted are regular UCC credits and most will transfer to other schools, including Oregon public universities and community colleges as well as out of state and private schools. To determine how each course specifically transfers, you should check with that particular institution.

You must talk to your high school counselor about dual credit offerings at your high school. Most students must be 16 and must be college-ready. Some courses require that you take the placement test to determine eligibility.



Keeley Eldredge
College Transitions Specialist


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