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Dual Credit - HS Teacher Resources

Interested in teaching dual credit courses at your high school for UCC?

Dual credit courses are transferable to Oregon's public colleges and universities and requirements for teaching them are the same for dual credit high school teachers as they are for faculty. There are subtle differences by department, but in general, the gold standard for Arts and Letters courses is a Master's in the subject area. A Master's in a different subject area plus 12-18 graduate credits within the subject area may also be considered. For Career and Technical Education, work experience and various licensures are considered. 

If you are interested in teaching dual credit, please send your transcripts to Missy Olson, Director of College Transitions, for an initial look. If you have experience (such as being a native speaker of a language other than English) that qualifies you for the position, but doesn't show up on your transcripts, please include this in your e-mail. After initial approval, you will be asked to complete the instructor application and articulation process and, finally, meet with the Department Chair of your subject area to discuss and collaborate on the content and instruction of the course.

Dual Credit Instructor Application Materials

Dual Credit Manual

Instructor Approval Checklist

Dual Credit Packet Step 1

Dual Credit Packet Step 2

Dual Credit Packet Step 3

High School Specific Registration Forms

Admission Forms

Registration Forms

Power Point to Share with Dual Credit Students


Missy Olson, Dean of Enrollment Management

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 541-440-7865