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High School Connections

UCC is committed to the success of every high school student in Douglas County and beyond. UCC offers a number of programs that can help high schoolers get a head start towards college. It is possible to graduate high school with an associate degree! We also have programs that help high schoolers to have a college-bound mentality and to realize their full potential sooner. Interested? Select the appropriate section below.

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Connecting College & Career

Would you like a UCC faculty/staff member to visit your classroom for a presentation and/or a hands-on activity? If so, please fill out our speaker request form (let us know your school, the grade you teach, your topic of interest, and the date/time that works for you) and we will get back to you soon in order to coordinate a visit! Below is a list of faculty/staff available to visit your class.

Topic Presenter Topic Presenter
Accessibility Danielle Haskett Human Services Sandra Angeli-Gade
Anatomy & Physiology Shauna McNulty Library Science Jennifer Lantrip
Art Susan Rochester Music Jason Heald
Automotive Kevin Mathweg Math Stuart Kramer or Dee Winn
Business Toni Clough Natural Science TBD
Computer Science/CIS John Blackwood & Vincent Yip    
Early Childhood Education TBD Paralegal Crystal Sullivan
Education Gwen Soderberg-Chase Psychology Georgann Willis
Engineering/Forestry Clay Baumgartner Science/Chemistry Joseph Villa or Sean Breslin
Fire Science Andy Hatfield Science/Geology Karen Carroll or Jason Aase
History Charles Young Science/Physics Mick Davis
Humanities/Journalism Melinda Benton Spanish Nicholas Tratz
Humanities/Writing Jillanne Michell Theatre Arts TBD


Success Stories

Read about why UCC is the right place to study!

  • IMG 5660 Michael Fernandez Human Services

    "I knew I had made the statement that I would come back and teach, but I really didn't expect anybody to remember that! Imagine my surprise!?"

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  • IMG 8347 color_candi clark

    "The Nursing program was something that has and will continue to be very important and special in my life."

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  • FB IMG 1470252531235 Michael OSullivan

    “Something I had always dreamed about doing ever since I came back from my first mission trip to Guatemala, was to one day be able to go down there and help in the medical field."

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  • IMG 5123.1 Kelli crop

    Nursing program alum Kelli Finlay (2018) says she chose UCC for her education because it was local and because of the reputation the program maintains.

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  • IMG 0259.1 Daniel Belcher crop

    For students like Daniel and Krista, Wolf Creek Job Corps is a life line. Both Douglas County residents would face homelessness and live life with no direction without it.

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  • IMG 7840.1 fun nursing 2019

    Following a rigorous evaluation, Oregon State Board of Nursing grants nursing program maximum time allotment until next evaluation.

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  • P1510185 1 ABSD Graduation 2018

    $7,400 award from the Cow Creek Foundation will help reduce out-of-pocket costs for tuition and testing.

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  • Vyla Grindberg MyrtleCreek Web

    "There’s a lot of different things that I’ve learned from Engineering Technology that I’ve applied to my internship, which has been really cool.”

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  • IMG 6815.1 Tami Quammi Human Services alum

    “Furthering my education really helped me get to where I am today. I use everything I have learned."

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  • IMG 4033.1 Trick Schneider KQUA

    Using every trick in the book, UCC provided Patrick Schneider with the knowledge and skills he needed to build a radio station from scratch.

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