COVID-19 Information and Protocols

An update from Dr. Pokrandt, President of UCC

March 9, 2022

Dear Campus Community

In response to updated CDC and state guidelines, as of Saturday March 12th, masks will no longer be required in UCC buildings and we will be returning to full on-campus services, with a (visible) smile!

Masks:  I know we did this once before in the summer so don’t throw your masks away just yet, but I do look forward to seeing your smiles next week.

While masks are no longer required, UCC supports anyone who chooses to continue to wear a mask. Choose what’s best for you and your personal circumstances. As a reminder, free masks will remain available to students, employees, and community members in the UCC Bookstore, and in the Campus Center. Specific mask mandates may remain in place for some healthcare programs when students and staff are working in off-campus healthcare settings.

Please remember that this only works if we all commit to staying home when we feel unwell.

Contact tracing: Contact tracing will end March 12th with the exception of student housing where UCC will continue to track cases. Instead of contact tracing, UCC will be operating within our Communicable Disease policies (BP 5210, BP 7330) to deal with any outbreaks.  We will continue to work in partnership with Douglas Public Health Network to help support a safe community and encourage vaccinations.  Again, if you are sick, stay home. 

On campus and on duty for our students:  Most everyone is back in their workspace at this point and please know that this is the continued expectation moving forward for all staff and faculty.  I believe that what we do at UCC and what we offer to students is extremely valuable. I believe your knowledge and wisdom, advice and support is critical to the success of our students and to supporting each other. Our presence in our workspaces will create reengagement with our students and is a vital part of their college experience. In person collaboration breeds creativity and teamwork which we will need as we create a bright future for our institution.

The Future of work and learning: I have asked Human Resources to develop guidelines for flexible work schedules and off-site working opportunities moving forward so that we can keep some of the practices that we most appreciated during the pandemic. We hope to have those out to you in the coming months. In addition, I will be convening the faculty to discuss teaching and learning modalities for the fall term. We have lots of informal data on how our students may want course delivery to look in the future. This feedback is important, and we also have an imperative to ensure that we weigh what students want, with what supports them to be most successful. I look forward to those future focused conversations.

Thank you to you all for your continued fortitude and I look forward to seeing more of you all in the coming weeks,

Rachel Pokrandt | PresidentUmpqua Community College



Umpqua Community College (UCC) will continue to be committed to protecting the health of our students, employees, and the community. The College actively gathers and shares information about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19 and variants) with staff and students at all of its campus locations.

While global health experts continue to learn more about this virus, what is known is that viruses do not discriminate.

COVID-19 is not associated with any race, ethnicity, or nationality. It is vital that our community work to combat discrimination based on racial bias or appearances and to correct misinformation on the spot. Make sure you only share accurate, unbiased information, and speak up when you hear, see, or read misinformation or harassment.

Incidents of bias or harassment on campus can be reported to Student Services. UCC employees should report incidents to the Office of Human Resources.

Vaccination, Booster and Testing sites in Douglas County

 Testing, Vaccination and Booster Information

COVID-19 Related Complaints and Concerns

A form has been created specifically for COVID-19 concerns. Students and employees may use this form to report any COVID-19 complaints or concerns to the College.

Weekly and Monthly Positive COVID Cases for U.C.C., Douglas County and Oregon

Updated May 2, 2022

The BA 2 variant has arrived in Oregon and is just as transmittable as it's brother, Omicron.  If you are immune compromised, unvaccinated, have underlying health problems, over 65 or live with someone with any of these health concerns, CDC and OHA recommend masking indoors.  It is not known at this time whether masking mandates will be put back in place, or what it will mean for other mandates.  Research is still being accumalated on this variant as well as BA 4 and BA 5, that have now surfaced in Africa and has tripled their positivity case rate.

Do not come to campus if you do not feel well.  At this time, the community level for COVID remains Low, per CDC.  However, people with symptoms, those that test positive and are at risk for exposure should wear a mask for at least 5 days and/or stay home.

Due to the high volumn of at home tests being performed, these numbers are based on people who have tested positive at a healthcare facility or contacted local county public health facilities.  These numbers are approximate per OHA, considering most home positive tests are not being reported.  

          weekly 4                  monthly 4

Second Boosters are now available for those who are 50 years of age and older, or immune compromised.  OHA and CDC officials recommend high-risk individuals continue wearing masks indoors after the mask mandate was lifted, including people who haven't been vaccinated and people that are immune compromised, have underlying health issues or living with someone who has any of these conditions.  Employers and businesses are allowed to establish their own mask requirements to protect employees and customers, should they choose to do so.  Masks will still be required in Healthcare facilities, Hospitals, Dr. offices, Dental offices, Urgent cares and Dialisys centers. Masks are now optional on Public Transits ie. busses, airplanes and trains. However, call ahead as some airport hubs and transportation hubs will still be requiring masks per state policies. CDC recommends the continuation of masks still be worn in indoor public transportation settings.

COVID-19 Protocols

UCC Employees and Students

Updated April 22, 2022

UCC will continue to monitor developments with our local public health authorities (DPHN), CDC, and uphold State and Federal Mandates. Pertinent information to share with everyone would be to please not come onto UCC campus if you do not feel well, have a high-risk exposure to COVID-19, or tested positive and are isolating. Enrollment and Student Services are providing in-person services at the student center including accessibility services, advising, admissions, life coaching, career coaching, and financial aid assistance. Contact any of the following colleagues if you have questions or need pedagogical methods or student support:

• Melinda Yeoman, Ph.D., Dean of Arts & Sciences, Office of Academic Services
• Danielle Haskett, Dean of Learning and Support Services
• Missy Olson, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services
• Kelley Plueard, Human Resources Director

The purpose of the protocol update is to provide the UCC community with general guidance regarding the college’s COVID protocols. The following information captures key components of those protocols recommended and/or mandated by CDC, OHA, DPHN, HECC, and State of Oregon and is subject to change as the needs change. UCC wants to maintain a safe and healthy campus for all faculty, staff, and students. Updated information will be available on the UCC Coronavirus dashboard.

Shared Responsibility

All students, employees and visitors have a shared responsibility to protect and maintain the health and safety of our community. Everyone is responsible for following OHA’s public guidance on COVID-19 and other variants and to comply with the processes and procedures outlined in this plan.

  • wash your hands
  • get vaccinated
  • get tested if you have symptoms
  • stay home if you are sick


If you have been exposed to COVID, please continue to follow protocols.  If you are vaccinated, there will be no need to quarantine.  If you are not vaccinated, protocol procedures for isolation/quarantine will take affect.  It is important if a person is not feeling well, they stay home to eliminate exposing anyone to a possible COVID exposure.  Please inform those you were in contact with, that you have tested positive or were having symptoms.  Also, please contact Human Resource Department at 541-440-4626.

Testing for Health Care Clinicals

All student testing for those involved in clinicals and are not vaccinated have been dicontinued at this time.  Weekly testing is no longer needed per Mercy's Clinical Coordinator.

Attendance Tracking

Attendance records are extremely helpful in tracking the success of our students. Additionally, these records will be needed by Douglas Public Health Network to trace the spread of COVID or any pandemic disease within our campus community. Your commitment to take attendance during your classes is appreciated. Attendance records must be kept for at least 30 days after courses have ended.


It is especially important to maintain good hygiene during the pandemic and in our endemic stages to prevent the spread of COVID. Hand washing and sanitizing flat and common use areas is a good preventive measure. Each classroom will be provided a sanitation station. Desks and chairs need to be wiped down after each class. If you do not have a sanitation station in your classroom, please contact Rosario Fauver at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


On March 12, 2022 the mask mandate was lifted.  DPHN, OHA and CDC officials recommend high-risk individuals continue wearing masks indoors. This includes people who haven't been vaccinated, people who are immune compromised, those over 65, any that may have underlying health issues or living with someone who has any of these conditions. Employers and businesses will be allowed to establish their own mask requirements to protect employees and customers, should they choose to do so.  Masks will still be required in any Healthcare facilities, Hospitals, Dr. offices, Dental offices, Urgent cares and Dialisys centers per OAR 333-019-1011.  Masking is not required on Public Transports. On April 18th the Federal Mandate concerning masking was dropped, however some states and companies may require them in some areas, per their own decisions for masking.

Response for Positive COVID-19/Delta/Omicron Variant

UCC will follow the coronavirus protocols put in place per DPHN and UCC’s Health and Safety Operational Plan for campus reporting, exposure, positive test, and exhibiting symptoms. Faculty, staff, and students should refrain from coming to campus if they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID. Symptoms include fever or chills, cough, sore throat, fatigue, headache, nausea or vomiting, congestion, diarrhea, muscle or body aches, recent loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing. Omicron has a lot of symptoms that are similar to a Winter head cold, which include runny nose, sore throat, headache, aches and pains, fatigue, fever or chills, congestion and cough.  Should COVID provide some difficulty for students, please contact your instructor and/or advisor.  If you are an employee, please contact your supervisor.


COVID testing can be done through a primary care physician and/or health care provider or pharmacy. Call or check websites before visiting a COVID Testing site.  Many of the pharmacies and urgent cares are appointment only at this time.  The US Government has issued free in-home tests kits. You may order 4 per household at this link; or call (800) 232-0233.  Also, health insurance plans are providing 8 tests per person per month for free.  You can either purchase test kits with your insurance or submit your receipts to your insurance provider. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act H.R. 6201 will cover for those that do not have insurance. OHP, Medicare and Medicaid will also cover COVID testing. If you are experiencing signs of COVID-19, immediately call your health care provider, pcp, or urgent care for more information on appointments and/or testing. Testing is the responsibility of each individual.

Isolation Guidelines

  •  A student or employee has been exposed to someone that has tested positive, is current on vaccination and has no symptoms -No quarantine or isolation
  • A student or employee is having symptoms and tested negative on a COVID test - 5 days of Isolation
  • A student or employee has tested positive - Must isolate for a minimum of 5 days.  Eligibility to be cleared to return to campus on day 6 is dependent on fever free for 24 hours and no new symptoms and/or symptoms are resolving. One must also wear a mask for an additional 5 days when around others.

Positive Testing

UCC campus protocol for staff or students who test positive, are NOT to come to campus until cleared to do so. Per CDC if a person tests positive, they must isolate themselves in a separate room from others and have no to very little contact with other people and pets. Do not share personal household items (i.e., cups, towels, utensils etc. Use disposables). If possible do not use the same restroom as others in the home. Sanitize after each use (handles, doorknobs, light switches, faucets etc.). UCC shall take action involving persons who have a communicable disease based on current and well-informed medical judgments and government-issued orders and guidance concerning the disease per UCC Board Policy #5210 for students and Board Policy #7330 for employees (Campus Code of Conduct). UCC cooperates with local public health officers to ensure the prevention and control of communicable diseases on campus.

Isolation vs. Quarantine

Per DPHN, quarantine will not be necessary if you have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID and you are vaccinated.  If a person is in isolation there is a minimum of 5 days after the date of symptoms occurring or a positive test.  If symptoms are mostly resolved and no fever within 24 hours of the last day of isolation, you may then return to regular daily activities and wear a mask even in the home for an additional 5 days. If symptoms have not resolved then an additional 5 days are needed for isolation with symptom management and daily self-checks (temperatures, self-check for symptoms that may be worse or better).


Douglas County and UCC are moving away from contact tracing except in high impact circumstances such as an outbreak in a nursing home or other congregate settings, ie. Campus Housing, nursing programs, etc.  If you receive notice from a student or employee of a positive COVID-19 test, please notify the HR Department as soon as possible at 541-440-4626. We will then begin the tracing process, if needed, in conjunction with DPHN, to ensure that all are notified, and safety procedures are in place.

Per HIPPA rules 45 CFR 164.512(b)(1)(i) and FERPA 20 U.S.C. § 1232g(b)(1)(l); 34 C.F.R. §§ 99.31(a)(10) laws, information obtained is confidential, but can be shared with public health authorities. You will be made aware of any possible covid-19 exposure in your classroom or building by the Alertsystem from UCC. Names and numbers will remain confidential.

Leave of Absence and Excused Absence

Employees must report all leave of absence even if it is coronavirus related.  An employee will be able to use sick time for time missed due to COVID.  COVID relief sick time was exhausted in 2020, and is no longer available.  If sick time has been used up, FMLA paperwork can be filled out by your healthcare provider and submitted for a request to the sick bank for additional hours. Please contact the HR Department, 541-440-4626,  if you have tested positive or believe you may have COVID.

Students will need to contact their instructors.  COVID positive information should be provided to the HR Department.  The HR Department then notifies instructors, professors, coaches and/or directors as needed.  Instructors are encourage to work with these students concerning assignments, if they have been placed on isolation by the school or licensed health care professional.


COVID-19 Resources

UCC's resources and directions come from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), DPHN (Douglas Public Health Network) and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC). Please see the links below for more information.

The College is in close contact with many agencies on a daily / weekly basis and following CDC recommendations to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses. Custodial services are in-creasing efforts on campuses to maintain sanitary conditions.

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