Core Skills Mastery

What is CSM?

  • Web-based course for student success
  • Students are directed by the computer to learn at their own pace
  • Teaches advanced problem-solving and thinking skills to the college level
  • Enhances ability to learn independently
  • Builds self-motivation, persistence and confidence
  • The curriculum scope focuses on depth, intuition and fluency in math and literacy to pre-algebra levels, then climbs to the college-level problem-solving and thinking skills

CSM is a form of training that addresses the "whole student"

  • Tightly integrates literacy and math instruction
  • Monitors learning and attitude issues to drive highly-differentiated instruction aimed at increasing students' persistence, carefulness, confidence, motivation, and learning strategies
  • Analyzes and responds to specific student thinking errors
  • Ensures durable mastery of learned skills
  • Builds learning meta-cognition by reporting to students and instructors on the success of individual student's learning strategies (e.g. what they read and when they read it, carefulness, etc.)
  • Builds critical thinking using a variety of workplace contexts

CSM embeds instructor assistance that encourages intervention

  • Provides individual student narratives that include:  observations of the student, interpretations of student thinking, learning, affect/behavior, and suggested interventions
  • Emphasizes positive reinforcement (e.g. linking what a student did to the success it engendered)

CSM at Umpqua Community College

  • Students will be referred to the Academic Success Center from the community, advising or walk-in
  • Students will attend a brief orientation in order to create an account and learn how the program works
  • Students will meet with the Learning Skills Director once a week until 15 hours of course work is completed
  • Students will be assigned a tutor to assist in their learning
  • After completion of 15 hours, the student will have two options:
    • Retake the compass test
    • Complete an additional 10 hours of CSM; course progress will be evaluated for entry into the Bridge program