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Welcome to fall term! 

While reading through the Chronicles of Higher Education this week, I came across this interesting article on How to Create a Syllabus--Advice Guide by Kevin Gannon (September 12, 2018).

I was pleased to see that our syllabus template follows many of the suggested practices! Congrats to the awesome people that pulled this work together! The part I was surprised about was the idea of treating the syllabus a little more like a conversation and including information that is unique to the instructor, course, or program. The article talks about including your history, your qualifications, details on why you are teaching that course, etc.  What a great way to help students get to know you!  I’m sure some of you are already doing this, right?  I have not done this and really didn’t even consider as an option. Mind. Blown.

Another idea that I especially appreciated, wish I came up with on my own, and plan to incorporate ASAP is the idea of including a statement of our own personal teaching philosophies! What better way to prepare our students than to tell them a little bit about why we are qualified to teach the course and what our teaching philosophy is. Again, I’m sure some of you are already doing this—because you are awesome rock stars—but I haven’t ever done this, and I want to!  Of course, that means taking the time to develop a philosophy statement which I have not done.  Have you? 

Keep your eye out for a future post on developing your teaching philosophy statement and if you have already done this, please consider sharing yours with this rest of us!  I would love to know more about what motivates you and I am sure others would to!

Thanks for taking the time to read through the article and feel free to incorporate any information you want into our existing template as appropriate for your courses and programs. As a reminder, our syllabus template is available on the website through the assessment-forms page and serves as the minimum standard. You are welcome to add extra information to the end of the syllabus (before policies) just please don't take away or change the order of the common information! If you think something should be changed, let me know and I will work to reconvene the committee!




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