Drivers Education

Driver Ed UCC Car 200X700

High School/Adult Driver Education

UCC is offering a comprehension and intensive Driver Education (Driver Ed) course that includes 30 hours of classroom instruction and 12 hours on the road.

Benefits include:

  • A certificate which can be used to replace 50 of the 100 hours of practice time required by the DMV.
  • Potential discounts on car insurance (check with your individual policy carrier).
  • Valuable education that may save your teen driver's life and/or the lives of others while on the road.

Parents/guardians are an important part of the Driver Training process and must attend the first hour of the first class. Students must have their Oregon permit before class starts and be under age 18 for the full course. Cost is $199 per class. Books included with class fee.

Call 541-440-4668 for more information.

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Drives are scheduled separately from class times. All drives finish AFTER the class scheduled end date.

Drivers Ed Schedule