Communications and Marketing

UCC’s Communications and Marketing Department builds and promotes the image of UCC in the community. We provide a variety of services to local media and the community, as well as to faculty and staff members of UCC.

  • FasTrack
  • Austin Kennedy
  • Athletics
  • Campus Catalog
  • Cassie Bauer - Small Business Development Center
  • Lear - Theatre Program
  • Kevin Mathweg - Automotive Department
  • lifeguarding hr cm
  • Collaborated with College Recruiting to produce a multi-fold brochure and web page to help introduce the College to prospective students.
  • Worked with Criminal Justice program to produce a multi-layered campaign to promote the Police Reserve Academy.
  • Partnered with Athletics Department to draw attention to new athletic teams coming to campus.
  • Leading with the best foot forward presenting the beautiful College campus as an attraction to come study at UCC.
  • Promoting students, the CIS program and SBDC strategic partnership through a Success Story about Cassie Bauer.
  • Website production, Social Media, and Story Writing helped to successfully promote ground-breaking performance by the Theatre Studies Department.
  • Successfully partnering with programs, like the Automotive Department, builds awareness and convinces readers to make the choice to come to UCC.
  • Helping the Human Resources Department to fill summer Lifeguard positions at the UCC pool.

Media Relations

Contact for all media personnel seeking to interview college administration, students, faculty and staff members, or wishing to cover a campus event or issue:

Media Contact

Tiffany Coleman - Contact
Director of Communications and Marketing, Public Information Officer
Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday
Phone: 541-440-7809

Requests for public information can be made using the form below:

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Media Kit

Media personnel can download these assets as necessary. Click the image to download.

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Dr. Debra Thatcher

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