Communication Studies

Communication Studies

Opportunities in the communication field are growing at a faster than average rate. Students who earn four-year degrees in communication may choose to work in such fields as media or broadcasting, journalism, public relations, marketing, education, or business leadership, among others. Degrees can be earned in any of these specializations at four-year colleges and universities.

The Communication Studies program at UCC prepares you for careers and transfer into four-year degree programs. You may choose from one of three program areas of concentration: journalism, public relations/general communication, or speech.

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Certificates at UCC

UCC offers a unique ability to earn both a certificate as well as an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Module at the same time, using many of the same courses. Financial aid students wishing to earn both a certificate as well as an AAOT must see their financial aid advisor for a certificate degree declaration timeline in order to avoid issues with federal financial aid.

One Year Completion Certificate (CC)

Public Relations Specialist

SP111 Public Speaking (f,w,s,su), SP105 Listening (w,s,su), SP112 Persuasion (f,w,s), VC121 Introduction to Desktop Publishing (f), CIS125H Writing Web Pages (f), J205 Public Relations (s), J211 Mass Communications (s),J251 Writing for the Media (f), J215 Journalism Production (2 credits, f) BA101 Introduction to Business (f,w,s,su), BA223 Principles of Marketing (3 credits), BA238 Salesmanship (f), WR121 Writing (f,w,s,su), MTH105 Contemporary Math OR HIGHER math class (w,s)

Pathways Certificates

Communications Specialist in Organizations

WR227 Technical Writing (f,w,s), SP105 Listening (f,w,s), SP112 Persuasion (f,w,s), SP219 Small Group Discussion (f,w,s), BA214 Business Communication (f,w,s) OR BA 165 Customer Service (f,w,s)

Public Relations Communication Assistant

SP112 Persuasion (f,w,s), SP105 Listening (w,s, su), J251 Writing for the Media (f), J205 Public Relations (s), J211 Mass Communications (s), plus three additional credits in any of the following: J215 Journalism Production ( 1 – 3 credits, f, w, s), VC 121 Intro to Desktop Publishing (f), CIS 125H Writing Web Pages (f).

University Transfer Programs

Public Relations
Speech Communications

New Class: SP 237: Gender Communications (3 credits)

Violating Lego Gender Norms
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An examination of similarities and differences in male and female communication styles and patterns. Particular attention given to the implications of gender as social construct upon perception, values, stereotyping, language use, nonverbal communication, and power and conflict in human relationships. Discussion of influence of mass communication upon shaping and constructing male and female sex roles. Course fulfills block transfer and cultural diversity requirements and is transferable to state four-year university.

Three lecture hours per week, Fall term only

Debate Club

The Debate Club is NOT meeting during Fall term. All students are welcome to participate or visit. This is a great opportunity for you to meet people, hone critical thinking skills, gain experience speaking, and assume leadership positions.


Prospective students should visit Advising and Career Services to get started and then see a program advisor (below) to develop a more focused educational plan.

Paula Usrey - Contact
Communication Department Head
Communication Studies Instructor
Phone: 541-440-4647

Melinda Benton - Contact
Student Newspaper Advisor
Journalism & Writing Instructor
Phone: 541-440-4645