Seven Feathers Casino: Bingo Vault Clerk

Job Title: 

Bingo Vault Clerk

Job Location: 

Seven Feathers Casino


Full Time


$10 Per Hour

Job Description:

Responsible for accurately handling Resort Bingo Bank.  Maintains all information in the Bingo accounting system, recording all Bingo prizes awarded.  Maintains records on sensitive Bingo paper coming in and going out, using procedures set by the Internal Control.

Essential Functions:

Issues, receives and reconciles all Bingo banks, including admissions, floor clerks, pull-tabs, and paymaster.

Informs the Bingo Manager when Bingo supplies and paper are needed.

Controls and accounts for all Bingo Paper issued and returned using the Bingo Accounting System.

Reconciles credit card and cash sales, using receipts.  Prepares and reconciles all associated paper work.  Responsible for Title 31 Paperwork.

Keeps and distributes IRS tax forms to winners who exceed the reporting limits set by the IRS.

Picks up assigned banks from the vault area and proceeds to the Bingo Hall with the assistance of the security department according to the methods of the Internal Controls.

May be assigned other projects by the manager or supervisor.

Provides constructive input to foster process improvement within the department.

Maintains confidential information that is received in verbal, written, and electronic media.  Limits access to information on a job-related, need-to-know basis.


High School Diploma or GED Certificate required.

1 year of experience handling money required.

Must be 21 years of age or older.

Excellent organizational, verbal, interpersonal, and customer relations skills.

Basic computer skills in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook required.

Analytical/mathematics skills essential.

Able to read and comprehend written instructions.

Experience with Title 31 Regulations required.

Ability to handle multiple priorities and tasks at once.

Must be able to obtain a Class III Gaming License.

Must maintain a neat, clean, and well-groomed appearance at all times (specific standards available).

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