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Woolley Center store opens


New Woolley Center student store teaches business skills.

Cameron Holbrook didn’t know exactly what he was getting himself into when he joined Andre Jacob’s business management class at the Woolley Center.

The class was starting a student store at the center and few of them realized the work and commitment it would take to get the store up and running.

“The moment he told us what we would be doing in the class, some of us got excited and others dreaded their life. I personally thought it would be all fun and games, but was dead wrong,” explained Cameron. “The store has had its fun times and we’ve all shared some laughs, but we learned there is 1,000 times more hard work than we thought it would be.”

Cameron was elected CEO of the store. He was shocked when that role came with a lot of high-level responsibility.

“When the student store started to fall apart, I knew I had to get control of the situation. The lesson Andre was trying to teach us was good, but we couldn’t really get it at first and he got on our case big time. This was a difficult class but I believe that my fellow classmates have learned something valuable.  I know I have,” he said.

Through the store, the business management students have learned about supply and demand, marketing, advertising, stock availability, and much more.

The store sells healthy snacks and pizza to students and staff members during lunchtime.