Assessment Department

FOUNTAINWhat is Assessment? 

"Assessment is the systematic collection of information about student learning using the time, knowledge, expertise, and resources available in order to inform decisions that affect student learning." - Barbara Walvoord, Assessment Clear and Simple.

Assessment at UCC

Umpqua Community College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).   In accordance with Eligibility Requirement 11 which states that the college will offer programs that "...culminate in achievement of clearly identified student learning outcomes; and lead to collegiate-level degrees," UCC is committed to establishing and supporting strategic efforts focused on assessment, accrediation, and institutional research. 

Assessment efforts at UCC are coordinated under the guidance of the Assessment Coordinator. The Assessment Coordinator is tasked with providing training opportunities related to assessment, tracking assessment efforts, assisting with accreditation efforts, and working in conjunction with faculty, classified staff, and administrators to ensure the college is engaged in a cycle of continuous improvement.  

The work of assessment is supported by an Institutional Assessment Committee. The committee consists of representatives from various campus areas and is charged with cultivating a campus-wide culture of assessment focused on continuous improvement.

Assessment Outcomes

The Assessment Office will:

  1. Work with faculty, staff, and administrators to develop a systematic approach for academic and nonacademic assessment initiatives on campus.
  2. Promote and support a campus-wide culture of assessment at the departmental, programs, course, and service levels.
  3. Develop and maintain assessment reporting documents reflecting the full assessment cycle.
  4. Facilitate professional development opportunities relating to various assessment topics relevant to Umpqua Community College.



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Assessment Coordinator
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