JOBS Program - Employer Information


 Option One:  Work Experienceleadership management style skills tips quotes6

  • Opportunities for employers to find valuable employees.
  • Trainable volunteers.
  • Participant interviewing and assessment.
  • Pre-employment training and education.
  • Worker's Compenstation Insurance.
  • Ongoing support for employers & volunteers.
  • Opportunities to help those entering the community's workforce gain valuable skills at NO additional cost to you, the employer.

Option Two: JOBS Plus 

  • Employers are reimbursed by the state for wages up to the Oregon minimum wage, and payroll taxes and workers compensation premiums. 
  • Save training costs.
  • Can observe workers in a real work situation.
  • May qualify for additional tax incentives
  • Can end the JOBS Plus placement at any time.
  • Are encouraged, but not required to hire successful workers as permanent employees.
  • Pay a wage equivalent to wages paid for similar work; adjusted for worker's experience.
  • Provide a mentor to help the worker transition to the work place.

Paperwork is simple & reimbursement is prompt

  • One page agreement
  • One page monthly reimbursement form.

Eligible workers can

  • Work up to 40 hours a week.
  • Work 6 months.
  • Learn new skills that will lead to employment.
  • After 30 days, pay $1 per hour into the worker's Individual Education Account (This $1 is deducted from the employer's reimbursement).