JOBS Program


The Umpqua Community College Job Opportuntity Basic Skills program is contracted by the Department of Human Services to assist and mentor participants receiving TANF, in developing a Career Pathway that will meet each family's needs.

Career Advisors are available to meet customers where they are currently at in their education and training, and help guide and support those individuals in taking the the appropriate steps in an education or training plan.

Participant plans can include referring referrals to UCC programs for GED completion, vocational training, or other specialized training. Plans can also include the following JOBS Program Activities:

Workforce Readiness Classes

Nanci Pritchard teaches classes each week on topics that that will help people overcome some of the common workplace issues that can interfere with many as they are employed. Topics include effective communication, conflict resolution, customer service, work ethics and problem solving, stress management, attitude and first impressions, leadership, and prioritization, time management, and goal setting. Nanci creates a class environment that allows individuals to have open discussions regarding issues people have faced in the past, or challenges they are currently trying to over come to ensure they are successful when they returning to work.

Work Experience

If you need additional experience, want an opportunity to update your resume, or would like to see if a specific career is right for you then work experience would be your first step in determining your Career Pathway. We work with employers throughout Douglas County who believe in giving people the opportunity to gain skills and training in a career field of interest to you.


JOBS Plus is a subsidized program administered by DHS. Individuals receiving TANF can be placed with private or public employers and receive a subsidy for wages paid. Employers can determine the wage rate and pay the worker directly. JOBS Plus workers receive a paycheck in lieu of public benefits. There is no requirement that the employer hire the worker at the end of the JOBS Plus subsidy. Employers are reimbursed by DHS at the Oregon minimum wage plus employer wage taxes and workers' compensation costs. Employers are reimbursed for a maximum of 26 weeks.

Job Search

This program is for individuals that are ready to find employment. Staff will meet with you for small group orientations that will guide you in effective ways to seek employment. Those interested in seeking employment attend classes every week, and will be introduced to different guest speakers from WorkSource, community agencies, and employers looking to hire. The workshops also assist participants in applying for jobs online, creating a cover letter and resume, and networking. The objectives of the job search workshop are to assist participants in standing out when they are seeking employment.


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