Career & Technical Education

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UCC Emergency Medical Services TrainingCareer and technical programs provide knowledge and training for a wide variety of occupations that demand education beyond high school.

You can prepare for employment by completing a two-year associate degree in applied sciences or by completing shorter term certificate programs. In many career fields, this training may enhance employment opportunities by providing you with industry certifications desired by employers. Be sure to speak with an academic adviser about your career and education options. Meanwhile, please explore our Career & Technical program offerings. 

Tom McNamara works with the BLM Roseburg Office

Spotlight on Student Success : Tom McNamara

UCC graduate lands satisfying career in the field of Surveying & Engineering.
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Career & Technical Programs

Arts & Communication AAS Certificate Pathway
Communication Studies: Public Relations Specialist   Career Pathway for Public Relations Specialist
Communication Studies: Public Relations Communication Assistant   Career Pathway for Public Relations Communications Assistant
Communication Studies: Communications Specialist in Organizations   Career Pathway for Communications Specialist in Organizations
Communication Studies: Journalism Transfer/AAOT      
Business & Management AAS Certificate Pathway
Business Technology: Accounting Technology    
Business Technology: Entry Management   Career Pathway for Entry Management 
Business Technology: Entrepreneurship   Career Pathway for Entrepreneurship
Business Technology: Financial Services    
Business Technology: Hospitality & Restaurant Mgmt
Business Technology: Marketing    
Business Technology: Supervision   Career Pathway for Supervision 
Business Technology: WAFC Retail Management - Online!    
Office Technology: Executive Business Assistant   Career Pathway for Executive Business Assistant
Office Technology: Front Office Medical Assistant - Online!     Career Pathway for Front Office Medical Assistant
Office Technology: Medical Billing & Collections Clerk - Online!   Medical Billing & Collections Clerk
Office Technology: Medical Office Administration - Online!     Career Pathway for Medical Office Administration
Office Technology: Office Assistant   Career Pathway for Office Assistant
Paralegal Studies - Online!    
Paralegal Studies: Legal Assistant - Online!    
Computer AAS Certificate Pathway
Cybersecurity - New!    
Computer Information Systems   Career Pathway for Computer Information Systems AAS 
Computer Information Systems
  Career Pathway for Computer Information Systems, One Year Certificate 
Junior Database Administrator
  Career Pathway for Junior Database Administrator 
Junior Programmer
  Career Pathway for Junior Programmer 
Junior Web Developer
  Career Pathway for Junior Web Developer 
Cisco Networking Support Technician   Career Pathway for Cisco Networking Support Technician 
Microsoft Networking Support Technician
  Career Pathway for Microsoft Networking Support Technician
Server Administrator
  Career Pathway for Server Administrator
Microsoft Office Technologist - Online!   Career Pathway for Microsoft Office Technologist
Culinary AAS Certificate Pathway
Culinary Arts   Career Pathway for Culinary
Education AAS Certificate Pathway
Early Childhood Education Career Pathway for Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education: Infant / Toddler   Career Pathway for Early Childhood Education - Infant Toddler
Early Childhood Education: Pre-School   Career Pathway for Early Childhood Education - Preschool
Para-Educator (Instructional Assistant)    
Engineering Technology AAS Certificate Pathway
Civil Engineering & Surveying   Career Pathway for Civil Engineering & Surveying
Engineering & Drafting Technician   Career Pathway for Engineering & Drafting Technician
Drafting   Career Pathway for Drafting
Surveying   Career Pathway for Surveying
Geographic Information Systems   Career Pathway for Geographic Information Systems
Water Quality
Career Pathway for Water Quality Certificate
Health Services AAS Certificate Pathway
Dental Assisting    
Nursing Assistant Level One    
Practical Nurse    
Registered Nurse    
Human Services & Public Safety AAS Certificate Pathway
Criminal Justice   Career Pathway for Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice: Juvenile Corrections   Career Pathway for Juvenile Corrections
Criminal Justice: Police Reserve Academy   Career Pathway for Police Reserve Academy 
Emergency Medical Services: Paramedic   Career Pathway for Paramedic
Fire Science    
Human Services   Career Pathway for Human Services
Addiction Studies
  Career Pathway for Addiction Studies 
Case Aide
  Career Pathway for Case Aide 
Addiction Treatment
  Career Pathway for Addiction Treatment 
Industrial AAS Certificate Pathway
Automotive Basic Technician   Career Pathway for Basic Automotive Technician
Automotive Advanced Technician   Career Pathway for Advanced Automotive Technician
Automotive Service Technology   Career Pathway for Automotive Service Technology
Automotive T-TEN
  Career Pathway for T-Ten Automotive Technician
Electrician Apprenticeship Technologies  
Electrician Apprenticeship: Inside Electrician    
Electrician Apprenticeship: Manufacturing Plant Technician    
Electrician Apprenticeship: Limited Maintenance Electrician    
Electrician Apprenticeship Technologies (Limited)    
Industrial Mechanics & Maintenance Technology  
Industrial Millwright    
Industrial Machinist    
Industrial Pipe Fitter    
  Career Pathway for Welding AAS 
Welding   Career Pathway for Welding Certificate
Occupational Skills Training AAS Certificate Pathway
Occupational Skills Training
Transportation AAS Certificate Pathway
Commercial Truck Driving    
Viticulture & Enology (Grape Cultivation & Wine Making) AAS Certificate Pathway
Viticulture   Career Pathway for Viticulture
Viticulture & Enology   Career Pathway for Viticulture & Enology Studies
Wine Marketing Assistant   Career Pathway for Wine Marketing Assistant

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is intended to prepare you for direct entry into the workforce. The AAS degree may also help you prepare for career advancement, occupational licenses, or study at the baccalaureate level. As a minimum, the AAS must include 90 quarter credits or equivalent proficiency; a recognizable core of, or demonstrated competencies in, specific general education courses; and an established standard of academic achievement.

Certificates of Completion

Certificates of completion are awarded for occupational content only. They must be state approved, have a defined job entry point, represent college level work, and meet State Board of Education criteria. Certificates of completion programs must be comprised of 12 to 108 credits.

Career Pathways

Programs that have a career pathway road map will be denoted by a path-icon. Career Pathway road maps help you to visualize our educational offerings. With it, you can also see how our certificates and degrees lead to a career. Plus, you can explore educational options after completing your certificate or degree. You can read more on the career pathways page.