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Human Services: Addiction Treatment

Students awarded this certificate (14 credits) are trained for employment in the drug-and-alcohol treatment field as entry-level counselors working under supervision in treatment centers. This certificate is designed for individuals currently working in Alcohol/Drug/Tobacco counseling and/or for individuals who wish to pursue training in substance abuse and addiction studies. Upon completion of the coursework required for this certificate and in combination with the required 1,000 hours of supervised experience, a student should be sufficiently equipped to take the Oregon Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) I exam.

This certificate includes both elective and required class of the AAOT-HS degree (Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer - Human Services).

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Upon completion of curriculum classes and in conjunction with the supervised 1,000 hours, a student should be equipped to take the Oregon Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) I exam.

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Program Requirements

To begin the program, students must be enrolled at UCC, and have basic writing and communication skills. The best time to start this program is during the Winter & Spring terms.

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Prospective students should visit Advising and Career Services to get started and then see a program advisor (below) to develop a more focused educational plan.

Sandra Angeli-Gade, Ph.D. - Contact
Human Services Coordinator
Phone: 541-440-4679