UCC announces 2022 Winter Term Honor Roll

High five! You got the top grades.The Umpqua Community College (UCC) Director of Registration and Records has announced the 2022 Winter Term Honor Roll. The President’s List (3.75 or higher GPA) is comprised of 234 full-time students (12 credits or more), and 76 students are on the Dean's List (3.74 to 3.50 GPA).

The names and cities of residence are as accurate as possible at the time of publication. Students requesting confidentiality are not published.


President’s List

Robyn Robertson Santa Rosa CA
Kristen Thomas Blackfoot ID
Sydney Schafer Boise ID
Jaden Schwab Rexburg ID
Hunter Alberini Las Vegas NV
Maximilian Savage North Las Vegas NV
Anneliese Hugo  Molalla OR
Brandon Cabrera Aloha OR
Ricardo Esparza Azalea OR
Jacquetta Zauner Barlow OR
Brooklyn Wolfe Camas Valley OR
Elizabeth Parker Camas Valley OR
Ayan Rao Tiwari Canyonville OR
Hunter Langley Canyonville OR
Kaylee OSullivan Canyonville OR
Natalie Ferch Canyonville OR
Robert Wiggs Canyonville OR
Eeklyn Magee Central Point OR
Dacia Taylor Coos Bay OR
Catherine Burch Corvallis OR
Aaron Hughart Cottage Grove OR
Audrey Pittenger Cottage Grove OR
Kalea Brick Creswell OR
Barbara Pitterle Damascus OR
Kimberly Woody Dillard OR
Leonard Buck Dillard OR
Hannah Meeder Eagle Point OR
Allyse Bowen Elkton OR
Andrew Bonilla Eugene OR
Emma Craig Eugene OR
Jared Camba Eugene OR
John Parker Eugene OR
Lisa Vincent Eugene OR
Samantha Frank Eugene OR
Alyssa Unruh Glendale OR
Sarah Isted Glendale OR
Daniel Rosas Glide OR
Kelden Davis Glide OR
Katherine Parker Grants Pass OR
Kevin Partier Grants Pass OR
Robert Bourland Grants Pass OR
Tammy Lapierre Grants Pass OR
Andrew Jefferson Idleyld Park OR
Danner Salisbury Lebanon OR
Colleen Venables Medford OR
Garrett Ryan Medford OR
Marlene Rodriguez Medford OR
Brooke Abel Myrtle Creek OR
Claire Cupp Myrtle Creek OR
Ephraim Mullins Myrtle Creek OR
Grace Elliott Myrtle Creek OR
Hope Cooksey Myrtle Creek OR
Jadyn Vermillion Myrtle Creek OR
Jason Huang Myrtle Creek OR
Landen Chung Myrtle Creek OR
Mark Elmore Myrtle Creek OR
Melissa Annand Myrtle Creek OR
Riley Spears Myrtle Creek OR
Samantha Bergmann Myrtle Creek OR
Sara Meeker Myrtle Creek OR
Shelby Bilbrey Myrtle Creek OR
Tatum Kelley Myrtle Creek OR
Amy Morey Oakland OR
Hannah Oberman Oakland OR
Heather McGuire Oakland OR
Isaac Cherry Oakland OR
Keagan Whittier Oakland OR
Shelby Bruhn Oakland OR
Steven Moss Oakland OR
Tayler Webb Oakland OR
Hector Cardenas Portland OR
Courtney Manicke Reedsport OR
Stephanie Dickerson Rogue River OR
Abigail Medak Roseburg OR
Addison Weckerle Roseburg OR
Alexander Prater Roseburg OR
Alisha Sabins Roseburg OR
Alora Conklin Roseburg OR
Amaya Goins Roseburg OR
Andrew Sibley Roseburg OR
Anthony Gordon Roseburg OR
Arianna Helgren Roseburg OR
Ashton DeMarino Roseburg OR
Audrey Hughey Roseburg OR
August McCraw Roseburg OR
Autumn Heatley Roseburg OR
Ayana Parson Roseburg OR
Bailey Heverly Roseburg OR
Benard Luff Roseburg OR
Brayden Michael Roseburg OR
Brenner Williams Roseburg OR
Britney Danson Roseburg OR
Brittany Glasser Roseburg OR
Catherine Blocher Roseburg OR
Ceci Potter Roseburg OR
Charles Brock Roseburg OR
Charlize Dela Cruz Roseburg OR
Christian Powell Roseburg OR
Clara Kempton Roseburg OR
Collin Jeppson Roseburg OR
Courtney Alford Roseburg OR
Curtis Neal Roseburg OR
Dalton Pariani Roseburg OR
Dexter Patching Roseburg OR
Donovon Bruce Roseburg OR
Doran Gillespie Roseburg OR
Eliza Nestripke Roseburg OR
Emily Michel Roseburg OR
Emily Moyer Roseburg OR
Emma Kate Crouse Roseburg OR
Eric Pacheco Lillard Roseburg OR
Faith Dotson Roseburg OR
Flower Behlke Roseburg OR
Gage Baylis Hines Roseburg OR
Garrett Haywood Roseburg OR
Garrett Zeimet Roseburg OR
Hadyn Wheeler Roseburg OR
Hannah Nelzen Roseburg OR
Heather Smith Roseburg OR
Holly Floto Roseburg OR
Ian McCanna Roseburg OR
Isabella Snyder Roseburg OR
Jackson Shira Roseburg OR
Jamie Mudge Roseburg OR
Jasmine Reeser Roseburg OR
Jaylen Allen Roseburg OR
Jazlynn Landeros Roseburg OR
Jazmine Pardo Rams Roseburg OR
Jeffrey Banks Roseburg OR
Jennifer Burke Roseburg OR
Jennifer Ford Roseburg OR
Jessica Cumpston Roseburg OR
Jillian Pimentel Roseburg OR
John Oliverson Roseburg OR
John Silva Roseburg OR
Jonathan Schmidt Roseburg OR
Jordan Chrisenbery Roseburg OR
Josephine Bennett Roseburg OR
Josslyn Ames Roseburg OR
Julia Swanson Roseburg OR
Justin Spencer Roseburg OR
Karina Winn Roseburg OR
Katalina Hightower Roseburg OR
Kourtney Lomica Roseburg OR
Kristen Ramirez Roseburg OR
Kyle Smith Roseburg OR
Logan Michael Roseburg OR
Lydia Rathe Roseburg OR
Madison Carter Roseburg OR
Maggie Wheaton Roseburg OR
Marcus Sherwood Roseburg OR
Maria Bacigalupo Roseburg OR
Mariah Summers Roseburg OR
Matthew Persson Roseburg OR
Melissa Jordan Roseburg OR
Milaneta Snuka-Polamalu Roseburg OR
Mya Schuyler Roseburg OR
Naomi Nibler Roseburg OR
Nash Singleton Roseburg OR
Nathaniel Webb Roseburg OR
Noah Moreland Roseburg OR
Noelle Robison Roseburg OR
Pamela Decko Roseburg OR
Paul Hagen Roseburg OR
Rachael Anderson Roseburg OR
Rachel Arceo Roseburg OR
Raina Herzog Roseburg OR
Robert Moore Roseburg OR
Sara Wright Roseburg OR
Sarah Brock Roseburg OR
Sarah Sibley Roseburg OR
Sierra Britton Roseburg OR
Skyler Fitzpatrick Roseburg OR
Tannaleah Cornell Roseburg OR
Tayla Griffin Roseburg OR
Theresa Booth Roseburg OR
Titus Hull Roseburg OR
Tori Ruiz Roseburg OR
Travis Mackie Roseburg OR
Trevor Muir Roseburg OR
Trinity Minyard Roseburg OR
Tyla Elam Roseburg OR
Tyler Gries Roseburg OR
Vitoria Marocci Roseburg OR
William Howren Roseburg OR
William Punches Roseburg OR
Yajirrah Alvarado Roseburg OR
Jessica Valentine Salem OR
Alia Espy Springfield OR
Christopher Machado Springfield OR
Kendall Minium Springfield OR
Abigail Vickers Sutherlin OR
Asha Anderson Sutherlin OR
Ashley Radmer Sutherlin OR
Ashton Wolfe Sutherlin OR
Branden Summers Sutherlin OR
Breanna Huffine Sutherlin OR
Chelsea Tilford Sutherlin OR
Hannah Zyzniewski Sutherlin OR
Keith Sorenson Sutherlin OR
Luke Rethwill Sutherlin OR
Mariel Sudomir Sutherlin OR
Megan Bradley Sutherlin OR
Nakaela Hunt Sutherlin OR
Natalie Terry Sutherlin OR
Stephanie Saracco Sutherlin OR
Tonya Fugate Sutherlin OR
Kara Glass Umpqua OR
Shelby Cunningham Umpqua OR
Trinity Schmid Umpqua OR
Destiny Watson Winchester OR
Savannah Peterson Winchester OR
Sophavid Choum-Starkey Winchester OR
Steven Roberts Winchester OR
Amy Murry Winston OR
Arissara Bennett Winston OR
Cora Wanamaker Winston OR
Devin Black Winston OR
Josiah Brands Winston OR
Kristina Yop Winston OR
Linlin Cheng Winston OR
Logan Garren Winston OR
Riley Stutzman Winston OR
Tamara Purcival Winston OR
Taryn Bateson Winston OR
Timothy Kazzee Winston OR
William Averett Winston OR
Karena Cook Yoncalla OR
Whitney Newell Yoncalla OR
Lindey Kvinge Mufreesboro TN
Eliza Swallow Fillmore UT
Kane Hynes Hoppers Crossing VIC
Aaron Dolny Werribee VIC
Shea Bowen Tumwater WA


Dean's List

Kyleigh Fitzgerald Newbury Park CA
Kell Schwers Big Timber MT
Dominik Tavares Henderson NV
Isabel Gibson Azalea OR
Justin Cohen Mayo Boring OR
Madison O'Sullivan Canyonville OR
Adam Lamb Cottage Grove OR
Mackenzy Whetzel Days Creek OR
Caidyn Cunningham Glide OR
Taya Nehl Glide OR
Daniel Herinckx Gold Hill OR
Morgan Jones Idleyld Park OR
Mistaya Adkins Jacksonville OR
Celia Adkins Medford OR
Allysa Truitt Myrtle Creek OR
Joshua Corrington Oakland OR
Levi Palmer Oakland OR
Natalie Kasal Oakland OR
Nicholas Clyde Oakland OR
Alexa Shinn Roseburg OR
Alissa Vradenburg Roseburg OR
Alysha Epley Roseburg OR
Alyssa Malek Roseburg OR
Ashley Downey Roseburg OR
Aspen Young Roseburg OR
Benjamin Steffensen Roseburg OR
Carter Lehrbach Roseburg OR
Daniel Johnson Roseburg OR
Dominick Butler Roseburg OR
Eleanor Woodhead Roseburg OR
Eliana Bruton Roseburg OR
Ella Rader Roseburg OR
Evan Chapin Roseburg OR
Hannah Myers Roseburg OR
Isabel Madrigal Guevara Roseburg OR
Jacob Reinwald Roseburg OR
Jalee Chandler Roseburg OR
Jayda Pieske Roseburg OR
Jerika Whightsil Roseburg OR
Jessica Florescu Roseburg OR
John Green Roseburg OR
Jonathan Humphries Roseburg OR
Josalynn Ferguson Roseburg OR
Justice Morris Roseburg OR
Kara Leonard Roseburg OR
Katie Barr Roseburg OR
Kayli Acosta Roseburg OR
Larisa Czernowski Roseburg OR
Leonie Samuels Roseburg OR
Madison Muir Roseburg OR
Paul Kunicki Roseburg OR
Phillip Debose Roseburg OR
Rachael Whiteberg Roseburg OR
Robert Vargas Roseburg OR
Ryan Huntley Roseburg OR
Trevor Seals Roseburg OR
Trinity Kampstra Roseburg OR
Jules Asa Springfield OR
Aaron Penninger Sutherlin OR
Aubry Brownson Sutherlin OR
Britney Carson Sutherlin OR
Kodi Fisher Sutherlin OR
Lindsay Gowey Sutherlin OR
Ryan King Sutherlin OR
Clinton Rivers Tigard OR
Chad Frazier Umpqua OR
Kayla Hubbard White City OR
Grace Ellis Winchester OR
Peyton Manning Winchester OR
Amanda Stoker Winston OR
Fernando Valle Winston OR
Kieryn Carnes Winston OR
Zoe Mallon Winston OR
Mya Skurk Wintson OR
Victoria Hollingshead Orem UT
Leiani Tonga Washington UT

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