Curriculum Changes

Looking to make some Curriculum Changes?

Wondering where to go and how to get started?  Questioning what form(s) to use and how long this is going to take?  Contemplating how you will find the time to navigate the whole process?  Contact your Academic Dean to get the process started!

Whether you are ready to add a course, delete a course, change your outcomes, or create a whole new program all curriculum changes start with the same four steps.

Step 1: Delete any old forms you have saved on your computer.  Any forms older than 5/25/2018 are now obsolete!

Step 2: Have a conversation with your colleagues in your area and your Department Chair to make sure you are all in agreement on the types of changes that need to be made.

Step 3:  Set up a meeting with Academic Dean to get the process started. Be sure to invite anyone you think should be involved in the initial discussion.

Step 4: Attend the meeting and discuss proposed changes in order to determine the appropriate process and review next steps.

How much time will this take?

Depending on the type of changes proposed your change process could take anywhere from eight weeks to a year. Plan accordingly!

The most typical changes and estimated time frames are shown below:

  1. Updating outcomes, descriptions, or prefixes/number: Approximately eight weeks.
  2. Deleting or suspending a course: Approximately eight weeks
  3. Modifying Course Content: Approximately twelve weeks
  4. Modifying a program: Approximately twenty weeks
  5. Deleting or suspending a program: Approximately twenty weeks
  6. Creating a new program: Between twenty and fifty-two weeks

Please note these time frames do not reflect the amount of time required to impact changes in the catalog.  As a general rule, all changes that will impact the course catalog will need to be completed by the end of fall term. 


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