Below are links to valuable resources, as well as a description of each. Also, please visit our FAQ page, where you will find answers to many questions you might have.

Accessibility Resources: (Danielle Haskett) This link will direct you to a page that contains information about UCC's Accessibility Services. These services include helping those with disabilities succeed in the learning environment, while also providing tools to help persons with disabilities feel empowered. Accessibility Services can help disabled persons reach their full personal, academic, and vocational potential.

Help for Prospective Students: This link will direct you to UCC's Prospective Students page. This link contains tons of valuable information to help prospective students, such as placement testing information, returning credit students, help for international students, help for current high school students, and other special information. All of this information helps a prospective student feel more comfortable with the transition to UCC.

UCC Library: This link will take you to UCC Library's homepage. You can search databases from here, search the library's catalog, learn about correct citation formats, a public records search, how to use the library's wireless printer, and much more. This link is invaluable for students.

Career Pathways: This link will take you to UCC's Career Pathways website. Career Pathways are programs designed to help prepare high school students and adults for employment and advancement in targeted occupations.