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TOP Dates & Deadlines

Things to do Throughout the Year:

  • Meet with your advisor 5 times a term
  • Volunteer in at least three unique activities
  • Follow up with financial aid at least 3 weeks before the start of every term


  • Meet with an advisor to finalize your Fall term schedule
  • Ensure your financial aid is set and ready to go, and all required verification documents are submitted
  • Buy books
  • Be sure to visit campus and locate your classes so you are ready on the first day
  • Classes begin toward the end of the month


  • New FAFSA application window: for more information on the changes navigate to FAFSA Changes for 2017-18
  • Look up Application Deadlines for universities you may want to attend
  • Look up scholarship application deadlines
  • Check out campus preview days


  • OSAC scholarship application opens
  • Daylight savings ends
  • Fill out university applications
  • Be on the lookout for winter term registration


  • Final Exams
  • Begin working on scholarships over winter break. You will appreciate having them done before winter term begins.
  • Finish any university applications over winter break
  • Apply for graduation if you will graduate in the spring or summer
  • There may be specific departmental application deadlines (i.e. Education, Engineering, Human Services, Medical Imaging etc.).


  • Winter term begins
  • Begin filling out OSAC scholarships and UCC Foundation scholarships
  • Order official transcripts for UCC Foundation scholarships


  • Early Bird deadline for OSAC scholarships
  • W2’s come in the mail. File your taxes.
  • Spring registration opens
  • Double check your transfer timeline


  • OSAC scholarships due in early March. Be sure you file at least a few days before the deadline to avoid long upload waits
  • UCC Foundation scholarships due
  • Daylight savings begins
  • Final Exams for Winter Term


  • Spring Term begins
  • Begin checking UCC Financial Aid student requirements are in for next academic year
  • Apply for graduation if you haven’t already done so
  • Order Tax Transcript from IRS
  • Double check that your financial aid forms for all colleges you are considering are turned in
  • Check for your financial aid offer letter from the universities you applied to


  • Write thank you letters to any donors that awarded you a scholarship
  • Double check that your Financial Aid forms for each college are turned in.
  • Check with University admissions and financial aid to see if you are on track to transfer
  • Register for an orientation to the University you will transfer to in the fall
  • Register for Summer and Fall courses
  • Check your email for OSAC scholarship notifications
  • Investigate housing options at your transfer university


  • Finals
  • Graduation
  • Spring Fling
  • Check your email for OSAC scholarship notifications
  • Triple check with Financial Aid that all your documents are in before you leave for summer
  • Double check with the University you are admitted to, ensure you are ready to register and financial aid is in order
  • Summer term begins


  • First session of summer term ends
  • Second session of summer term begins
  • Be on the lookout for UCC Foundation Scholarships to reopen for a 2nd round
  • Order official transcripts for UCC Foundation scholarships
  • Check your email for OSAC scholarship notifications


  • Begin moving if you are transferring in the fall
  • Explore your new campus


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